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Electrical Projects

Electrical projects deal with intense research that concerns operation, design, management, installation, research and maintenance of all electronic, electrical and communication areas. Electricity is an energy form that flows through copper wires and gives power to various appliances. These energies are obtained from geo thermal, hydro, wind, solar, turbine, gas and fuel cel electrical engineers […]

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Electrical engineering is a study of engineering which deals with the knowledge of electricity and all other electronic technology. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING PROJECTS deals with distribution of energy (or) creation of any electronic device. It also includes the power generation application creation. Power is generated and gathered by various means and sources. There are many forms […]

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Electronics and communication engineering is a prime engineering department. Various opportunities and diverse technical studies are available for ECE students. We offer every opportunity that will lead in presenting the students innovative ideas through their final year projects. Both real time and IEEE based projects are available from us to the ECE student to complete […]

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IEEE projects for EEE

IEEE projects for EEE deals with science and technology that is needed for consumption, distribution and generation of electric power which is useful for mankind. Electric power should be transmitted and supplied by EEE projects through various networks of electrical component present in a electric power system.

IEEE projects for power system:

Generation of power is dealt […]

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IEEE Project Topics

IEEE Project Topics aims for multiple concepts are encapsulated innovative ideas are needed for attaining efficient output. Institute of electrical and electronic engineers standardizes IEEE projects. Domains such as electrical, computer science and electronics are covered for IEEE projects. Various activities like standard developments, publication of research papers and education activities are performed by IEEE […]

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Computer engineering is the field of study regarding a systems design and processing. An engineer’s stamina and skill proved through B.E projects. Many domains and sub domains are available for doing final year projects for computer science engineering students. With fantastic architectures, security technology and data base management services. Most computer engineering projects focus on […]

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Computer science is the most promising field of technology. M.Tech in computer science offers a great deal of platform to execute the learnt knowledge in span of on entire academic year. In this duration base paper implementation and some improvements should be implemented by them. Only students select and process their research topic. Various simulation […]

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Computer science is an engineering department which lets students study about all computer technologies and it is working. It includes a wide area of domains such as medical imaging. Mobile computing and many more projects tests the knowledge and innovation of each final year computer engineering students. A topic sentence should be taken up by […]

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Opnet Simulation Projects

Network Simulator Tools:Network simulator tools available are as follows. Ns2, Ns3, Omnet++, Opnet, Qualnet, Jsim, Netsim for ad hoc project for students.

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Communication Based Projects

Communication based projects provides in depth knowledge about the communication process among two systems. Exchange of information among two users is communication.

Communication based projects examples are DIP, DSP, embedded system and VLSI. Communication based projects are supported to academic students and research scholars we have carried out 200+ communication based projects. We support for past […]

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