Mobile Application Thesis for Research Scholars.

Mobile applications are the current money spinning idea in the field of technology. It is system software that runs on android and smartphones. Many researchers use app developing technologies to write thesis. Thesis on this technique is very useful as it gives a detail account on the characteristics of mobile applications.Mobile application is software built by the mobile development software for accessing handheld devices like laptop, mobile phones and enterprise digital assistance etc. Mobile application technology is an integral part of the human everyday life. Mobile application thesis topics can be based on developing upnp (Universal plug and play),  mobile infected virus, WBAN (Wireless Body area Network), GPS tracking, LTE, 5G networks, social sensor network, mobile banking etc.

Mobile Application:

Mobile phones are handy and so are the applications that are within them. The usage of mobile application is growing day by day. Certain basic apps are installed during the manufacturing process. Later the users can install the apps that they need by downloading. Features of Mobile Applications:

Startup Time: The startups of mobile apps are quicker than desktop applications. The session time is quiet short in mobile app. Session time is equal to start time so the start up time is also short.

Responsiveness: The responsiveness is great. Response of every action is quicker with a minimum click.

Efficient storage: Many apps can be stored in a single device.

Adaptation: It is easily adaptable for any upgrades.


Mobile Application Thesis Topics.

Context aware Mobile Cloud Computing: Review
Reliability based routing strategy for performance optimization in distributed mobile computing through clustering
Mobile software engineering in mobile computing curriculum
Query processing in a mobile computing environment: exploiting the features of asymmetry
Mobile agent system architecture for supporting mobile market application service in mobile computing environment
A New Mobile Spatial Information Service Grid Computing Model Based onMobile Agent
Wireless Multicast for Mobile Transparent Computing
A new mobile police spatial information service grid computing model based on mobile agent
A Nested Two Stage Game-Based Optimization Framework in Mobile CloudComputing System

 Types of Mobile Application:

Native App: It is described as the native of mobile phone operating systems. Objective C and Java are its code. Objective C code is written for IOS and java is for android phones. These apps are available in app store.

Web App: These are not real apps but a look alike of native app. It is stored in remote server. Its code is in HTML 5. Only mobile browser can run this.

Hybrid App: As the name suggests these apps are hybrids of two or more things. They are somewhat similar to the native coding is done either in HTML 5 or java.

Categories of Mobile Application:
  • Multimedia: audio/ video player, image viewer.
  • Travel: GPS service, currency converter, weather.
  • Games: Puzzles, arcades, adventures.
  • Utilities: file manager, address book, and log manager.
Ideas for Mobile Application  Thesis.

Mobile application oriented Thesis must concentrate on the following objectives:

  • Battery-constraint.
  • Limited computation.
  • High-latency.
  • Intermittent communication.

Maximum research of the students in mobile applications thesis  is to increase data usage, enlarge coverage area, increase signal strength.

Wireless sensor network and vehicular network play major role in mobile application development Thesis.