Communication based projects provides in depth knowledge about the communication process among two systems. Exchange of information among two users is communication.

Communication based projects examples are DIP, DSP, embedded system and VLSI. Communication based projects are supported to academic students and research scholars we have carried out 200+ communication based projects. We support for past 8 years.

Communication types:

  • Sensor communication.
  • Wired communication.
  • Internet communication.
  • Wireless communication.
  • Tele communication.
  • Satellite communication.
  • Radio communication.

Wireless communication networks:

Wireless communication techniques are used by

  • Mobile phones.
  • Satellite television.
  • Wireless communication.
  • GPS units.


  • Very useful for working professionals.
  • Among source and destination there is a quick transformation of information.
  • Wireless communication products are cheaper.
  • Flexible service is provided.

Communication network types:

Our data by network connection could be shared with a help of communication network. Internet is used for data communication in computer network. It provides reliability, scalability, high performance at data sharing. It is classified to wide area, local area and metropolitan area, wireless and inter network.

MAN communication:

It is bigger when compared to LAN. Similar technologies as of LAN are used to cover whole city. Public company or private company uses MAN.

LAN communication:

Work stations or various Pc could be covered by LAN small physical area as factory, office & colleges. Connection termination places could be found easily in LAN network.

IEEE 802.3 standardized ethernet that works on LAN technology.

WAN communication:

Public & private network WAN support good communication in WAN network maintenance & design are very complex. Multiple states in a country are covered. Communication medium in WAN is satellite and PSTN.

Wireless communication:

A glooming area in the communication network is wireless communication. The main use is used for rescue operation.

Inter network communication:

Connecting multiple networks is internetwork communication. It is formed with help of hardware as gateways, bridges or router.

Computer network architecture is used for the communication network formation. It contains

  • Hybrid communication.
  • Client & server communication.
  • Peer to Peer communication.

Hybrid communication:

  • It is a combination of client & server and peer to peer communication to provide effective communication client & server communication.

Client & server communication:

  • One or more system acts as server system while other systems are client systems.

Peer to Peer communication:

  • In a point to point basis two systems are connected in this method.

Communication purposes:

  • Tele communication.
  • Social network.
  • Software downloading.
  • E-mail transformation.
  • Online chatting & calling.
  • Online selling, shopping and buying.

Network communication demerits:

  • High technical complexity.
  • Very slow transfer speed.

Communication field aims to provide pervasive networking to access any device at any place. All the current trends are studied by our trained engineers to carry of communication based projects effectively.