WBAN Projects for Research Scholars.

What is WBAN? Wireless body area network is used for assisting to get the information regarding the patient’s health using sensor devices. WBAN projects provide energetic security algorithm for sensing devices and multiple applications. Industries such as relevant to medicine and sport can get benefits means in plenty from the wireless body area network projects. By means of these sensor devices students can successfully know the heartbeat, level of the glucose, and blood pressure of the patient. We can predict heart attack, diabetes, cancer and many other diseases without much of a difficulty using Wireless body area network concepts. WBAN projects cut short the want of the many more devices as toward a hospital use and make rather much incredible services between the patient and doctors. We provide the wireless body area network projects to research scholars indeed very successfully, perfectly and with all the sincerity. To provide indeed better solution for the issues related to the wireless data communication and as well as to develop the scalability of the analyzing of the data Wireless body area network projects prevails.  WBAN projects can very successfully sophisticate the human life style along with reducing the health care costs indeed. We provide WBAN supporting security algorithm and the WBAN thesis to research Scholars.

Components of Wireless Body Area Network projects.

Node is used as a device in wireless area network projects which can communicate independently.

Nodes are sorted on the basis of their function

Sensor: It can be used either internally or externally to measure certain parameter in the human physic.

Actuator: It is used to interact indeed with the user upon receiving the data from the sensors.

Implant node: These kinds of nodes are rather placed in the internal organs of the human body as below the skin or inside the body tissues.

External node: These kinds of nodes are directly connected indeed with the human body very much as placed few centimeters or meters form the human body.


Personal device: To collect all the information from sensor or actuators and to interact with other devices this node comes handy, which can inform this collected information to user via external gateway and this device can be called as body gateway, sink, and body control unit.

Wireless body area network applications.

WBAN can be used in multiple application areas such as military, health care, sports, entertainment and IEEE 802.15.6 standard WBAN can be successfully used for the medical and consumer electronics applications.

WBAN  for Medical applications:

In the hospitals to monitor the health care, to diagnose the patient’s health to measure the blood pressure, body temperature and heart beat. WBAN can be used and as well to detect the abnormal condition in data collected from the sensor devices.

Wireless body area network can use the cell phone as a gateway certainly to send the health information from WBAN controller either to the emergency room or doctors mobile phone.

WBAN can quickly diagnose the hyper tension, also the cardio vascular diseases as well as the diabetes.

WBAN Projects for Commercial applications:

To capture video clip with the help of smart phone, real time streaming application can use WBAN. The WBAN can also provide listen the bus schedule information via GPRS services or to multicast of the conference call, or audio streaming via heat set for to listen continuous music, which type of applications uses the stream transfer technology and is mostly used in the wireless remote control in the entertainment applications. The entertainment services on the basics of the body information, the recognition of the body gesture, the identification of the emotion, and monitoring .

WBAN Projects for Entertainment applications:

Microphones, mp3 players, cameras, head mounted display, and to add with, the very advanced computer application sort games are all utilizing this WBAN technology and the social network the same WBAN technology is used rather.

WBAN Projects for Emergency:

WBAN network can also detect the domestic security. The sensing devices of WBAN can detect the fire or poisonous gas in the home or industry and it can also immediately convey this message to the house owner via body worn devices which devices can in turn wear protecting devices, which protecting devices can protect these devices from any situations that may affect.

WBAN Projects for Emotion detection:

By means of this WBAN, the bed ridden or coma stage patient’s emotion can be monitored and as well the physiological emotion signals of the patient can be detected through electro cardio graph, electromyography, and electro thermal activity.

Protocol used in Wireless Body area network Projects.

Variety of MAC protocols are used in WBAN projects. They are,

  • Zigbee MAC
  • TMAC
  • SMAC

Common technologies used in wireless body area networks projects are:

  • Personal video devices.
  • Wireless audio.
  • Body sensor network.
  • Sports and fitness monitoring.
  • Mobile device integration.
Advantages of WBAN Projects:
  • Detects chronic diseases in the human physic.
  • Used for the purpose of security in the military application.
  • Provides benefits in the medicine field for the purpose of individual communications.
  • Saves lot of time.
  • Enables quick decision making for medical applications.
Disadvantages of WBAN:
  • Can be affected, of course, by means of the physical movement.
  • It can’t back up the applications such as multiple device information sharing applications.
  • Sensor integration is poor.
  • It doesn’t support either data which are non massive.
  • It can’t accomplish interoperability.
  • It doesn’t give any system level security.
  • It still has a crisis in sensor validation rather.
  • Sensor access must improved in near future for better applications.
Applications of WBAN Projects.
  • Healthcare monitoring
  • Multimedia.
  • Military.
  • Consumer electronics.
  • Personal video devices.
  • Medicine.
  • Personal video devices.
  • Sports and entertainment.
  • Security.
  • Home/health care.
  • Detection of chronic diseases.
  • Close-loop bio-feedback.
  • Military for security purpose.
  • Easily access.
  • Assist communication between individual and machine.