Security System Thesis for Research Scholars.

Security System thesis can be based on home security thesis and library system or library management system thesis. Important documents and properties are ever under risk of being lost or destroyed. With the help of security system these documents can be protected from thieves or fire accidents and other hazards. Students of cryptography and researchers can do thesis on security system. Main users of security systems are multinational companies, military applications, and jewellery shops, hospital management, home security system, and library management security system. Security system performance is differs in different situations. For home security level is small but for organization security system must be high and also need high performance protecting software and hardware etc. Thesis can be based on various types of security such as home security, nation’s security, computer security, library management security system and child’s physical security.

Types of Security System:

Security Camera: Cameras are placed in a discrete manner at an important location. It records all the activities within the range of surveillance.

Monitoring System: Monitoring system is useful in keeping an eye on what goes on in confidential areas. It also increases the security systems performance. There two types of monitoring services they are external monitoring service and central monitoring services.

Door Chimes: Door chimes is activated when someone tries to break in a door during working hours.

Extra Security Sensor: Big multinational companies in need of extreme security make use of this extra security sensor. The mechanism detects motion, freeze, smoke, flood, carbon monoxide and glass break.

Security Lights: Better visibility in shipping and delivery are optimized by security lights. It has motion sensor. Escape route get light automatically in case of any emergencies.


Security Alarm: An alarm is set in home office when an intruder comes in during after hours the alarm is activated and sound signal is sent.

Remote Access: External security system makes use of remote access. Many more advanced techniques are used to enhance remote access security system.

Characteristics of Security System:

Authorization: Access of security system is given to a limited number of people. These control policies are usually based on application, network, user and systems.

Accountability: Due to information detection system event login from basis of all security systems.

Authentication: Mechanism of the system allows checking whether a user is authenticated.

  • Integrity.
  • Non repudiation.
  • Availability.
  • Confidently.
Important process to be carried during security system Establishment.
  • Design an algorithm for performing the security-related transformation.
  • Algorithm should be such that an opponent cannot defeat its purpose.
  • Generate the secret information to be used with the algorithm.
  • Develop methods for the distribution and sharing of the secret information.
  • Specify a protocol to be used by the two principals that makes use of the security algorithm and the secret information to achieve a particular security service.

Applications of Security Systems.

  • Hospitals.
  • Military Applications.
  • Enterprises.
  • Residential Security.
  • Retail Business.
  • Home Security.
  • Library Management system.

Benefits of Security System:

  • Provides Security Alerts.
  • Adjust Lights and Thermostat.
  • Used to Lock and Unlock Door.
  • Protects Assets.
Security System Thesis Topics.
DNS security challenges and best practices to deploy secure DNS with digital signatures
A Novel Approach to Detect Tampered Wireless Network Applications
Internet With Transient Destination-Controlled Addressing
An A Proxy Identifier Based on Patterns in Traffic Flows
Accountability model for Internet transactions
VANDER: Efficient Cooperative Watchdog Monitoring for Lossy WirelessNetwork Coding
An authentication architecture for cloud-based firewalling service