RTool Projects for Engineering Students.

RTool projects are implemented in graphics, text and various domains. Statistical computing and graphics use RTool. RTool is used in worldwide community as it is a vibrant tool and blown programming language. RTool projects latest technologies in trend are observed and studied by our technical panel team. Loop conditions, recursive function are continued in RTool Projects, it provides facility to input and output functions. R is a statistical tool/platform/programming language which is free and open-source. It is built by academicians/statisticians who continuously provide libraries (customized functions) for new and emerging statistical techniques. In other words R-tools are a set of Unix/Linux tools that allow basic unsecured administration of Unix/Linux systems by establishing a Remote Shell. It has features useful to local stores, all the way to running world-level events.

Extension of RTool Projects.

Flexible graphics environment is provided by RTool Projects and a rich set of function for statistics data is provided by R.

Data access: RODBDC is ensured in RTool with huge possibility and consists access to excel files. There is no handling of multiple set of queries result.

File system access: By set of functions online files and local file system are accessed. Zips files are also hand to support add or remove files, list contents.

Integration with other software: To integrate C code or FORTRAN, R ensures built in support to integrate R with java and software, various communication protocols are provided.

Deployment: Updates of system or installation are ensured under RTool package.

Up sizing: Various platforms are managed in R, windows serves as a common platform. Straight forward way for up-sizing is ensured in R code.


User friendly interface: For many packages more GUI tools are provided. By using GUI toolkit analysis functions are performed. As a core distribution, standard set of tools are provided to build user interfaces.

Web server: Various functions are carried out by using RTool. Various implementations are available R web servers. Computing process and web portal are built within a device.

RTool features:

In R user visible functions are written which is called as a smaller set of primitives.

In C, C++ and FORTRAN interfaces are written to assure efficiency and to write more primitives.

In modular programming, loop and branching are allowed which uses functions vector is the basic object for RTool. RTool provides different data types and they are given as Numeric, Logical, Character, Integer and Complex.

Benefits of RTool Projects.

  • Libraries can be added.
  • Spread sheet calculation.
  • Data storage.
  • Data handling.
  • Graphical output display.
  • Statistics analysis tools are collected.

Wide range of statistical methods, easy to extend an existing code, provide high flexible graphics, interconnection of database and file system are provide under R that serves as an excellent platform for delivering of data functions.

RTool levels:

  • R functions are used.
  • Functions are written.
  • R packages are written.
  • GUI is used.
  • Production level codes are written.

R-Tool commands are:

  1. rlogin
  2. rsh
  3. rcp
  4. rwho
  5. rexec
Output of RTool Projects.

The R language provides a way to run common statistical tests on a set of data.

Often portraying the Output of RTool Projects  in graphical form such as,

  • Linear  modeling.
  • Non Linear Modeling.
  • Time-series analysis.
  • Classification.
  • Clustering.
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