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Steganography projects main aim is to hide original information for security concerns. Steganography is that process of hiding a secret message in such a way that others can not discern the presence of contents of the hidden message.  FB, outguess, stenghile and jstey are some of the algorithms used in steganography projects. Most  steganography projects focus on converting, images, video, text and audio files. Watermarked and figures printed application can be protected using steganography concepts. Steganalysis is breaking Steganography.  Another form called cryptanalysis can detect the original message. In detecting a visual message steganalysis figures out all the stego images and then compares it with original image. Encoding methods are used to hide the information in Steganography Projects.

Protocols and methodologies used in Steganography projects.

  • Secret key  & Public Key Steganography.
  • Hash functions.
  • Substitution system.
  • Transform domain techniques.
  • Spread spectrum techniques.
  • Statistical method.
  • Distortion techniques.

Variety of encoding methods are available.

  • Least significant bit encoding.
  • High frequency encoding.
  • Frequency domain encoding.
  • Line-shift and Word Shift encoding.
  • Feature encoding.
  • Low-bit encoding.
  • Spread spectrum.
  • Low  and Wide frequency encoding.
  • party coding and echo coding.
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Different Types of Steganography.

Audio Steganography: As the human auditory canal cannot notice masking, irregularity of visual system is used. An audio file has both weak and strong print. In this the weak point is substituted with high pitch noise.

Encoding Methods of Audio Steganography Projects.

LSB Coding: Analog audio signal is converted as digital audio signal. Binary sequence is replaced with binary values.

Parity Checking: The secret message is encoded in the split audio signals parity part.

Phase Coding: With signal to noise ratio secret data is encode with the phase shifting value of digital signal.

Spectrum coding:  Through a sample audio file spectrum it can encode the secret message.

Echo Hiding: To encode secret message discrete signals echo is used.

Video Steganography: Images can be used to encode secret message in a video. Discrete cosine Fourier transforms is used steganography projects. It gives accurate encoding which is visible to human eyes.

Image Steganography: Email hiding apps make use of this type. The secret behind the success of this method is the weakness of human eyes. Pixel values of images are considered by this method. Optical higher frequency is used to represent the pixels.

Techniques of Image Steganography Projects.

LSB Coding: The binary value of secret message is represented as the LSB of each byte in cover image.

Masking and filtering: Gray scale images or 24 bit images are used by these methods. The brightness of masked areas is changed due to masking images.

Text Steganography: Format or character of text is altered. It has three type’s namely random generation method, linguistic and format based method.

Coding Techniques of Text Steganography projects.

Line Shift Coding: The line of text is shifted to encode. Original image is not needed in this method.

Word shift Coding: Variable spacing is used to encode the original method.

Feature Coding: Text features are needed to encode the original text.

Need for Steganography Projects:
  • Communication can be converted using images.
  • Use a cover medium for hiding images.
  • Ownership of digital images, authentication is provided.
  • In browser, movies, copyright information.
  • Television channel Steganography application are used.
  • Confidentiality, better data integrity and self correcting images are achieved.
Advantages of steganography projects.
  • Can be applied differently in digital image, audio, and video file.
  • Difficult to detect, the receiver can only detect the original information.
  • It can be done faster with large no of software’s.
  • It’s used in the way of hiding not the information but the password to reach that information.
Application of steganography projects.
  • Confidential communication and secret data storing.
  • Protection of data alteration.
  • Access  digital content distribution.
  • Media Database systems.
  • Secured Data Transmission.
  • Access control providing system.
  • Media database systems.
  • Secrete information storing system.
  • Information secure channel.
  • Authenticated  Medium.
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