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Ns2 projects are carried in our concern very effectively and successfully for research scholars and students.NS2 is a form of discrete event simulator tool utilized in wireless network and wireless communication.It contains various networking structure and deals with energy efficient projects. For efficient data transmission it creates better infrastructure. NS2 is a simulation tool that is available in open source environment. Working screen of packet transmission and reception from source to destination is provided by NS2 projects. For simulating different types of network, NS2 projects plays a fundamental role.

Major Benefits of Ns2 Projects.

Network simulator 2 (NS2) is one of the major open source network simulation tool.Network have wide range of sub-divisions .All kind of the sub divisions can be simulated using NS2. All networking properties & parameters can be applied with the help of ns2 projects.

  • Apply all network sub-divisions.
  • Apply all network attacks
  • Apply all network security issues.
  • Support wide range of protocols.
  • Get the results all network parameters.
Network protocols simulated using  ns2 projects:
Apply all network sub-divisions:

1. Wireless sensor network

  • Social sensor network.
  • Under water sensor network.
  • Visual sensor network.
2. Network security simulation using Ns2
  • Network attacks.
3.Device to device communication
  • LTE.
  • open flow.
  • sdn.
  • vertical handover.
  •  wimax.
  •  wifi.
  •  bluetooth.
4. ADHOC networks
  • Adhoc.
  • Manet.
  • Vanet.
5. Internet protocols.
  •  ipv4
  •  ipv6
  • voip
  •  cognitive radio network.
6 Spectrum
  •  5G.
  •  4G.
7.Optical networks
8. Other networks
  • IoT.
  • mobile computing.
  • parallel systems.
  • green networks.
Major networking attacks Simulated using Ns2 projects:
DDOS,Phishing,Trojan horse,sniffing,Black hole,Misbehaving,Ping of death,Close-in,spoofing,Jellyfish,False node misbehavior,False node misbehavior,DNS sniffing,phishing,IP fragmentation,ICMP,Sybil,IP spoofing,Eavesdropping,Port scanning,Insider,Man in the middle,Grey hole,Smurf,Selfish node,Warm hole,Distributed,SQL injection

Classifications of network communication in NS2 Projects:

Point to Point network:

To communicate to corresponding destination point to Point network source node is used. By addressing methodology packet transformation can be carried out. Direct communication among sender and receiver are provided in Point to point network.

Broadcast Network:

Single communication channel is contained in a broadcast network. Communication is carried out by sending packet or frames to other nodes among a network. Address field of a packet provides receiver identification.

MAC Protocols in Ns2 Projects:

The MAC protocols are used in NS2 Projects to achieve exact result.

T-MAC and S-MAC: Resigned to low down energy consumption of network.

Baseline BAN MAC: It is otherwise known as IEEE 802.15.6 draft protocol. It is utilized to get internet connection.

IEEE 802.15.4 MAC: CSMA-CA is enabled with direct data transfer node. Guarantee timeslot is provided for direct data transfer.

Tunable MAC:For experimental result analysis with duty cycle ,MAC protocols is designed. Carrier sense multiple accesses with collision avoidance and enable parameters and carrier sensing.

Wireless Sensor Network Modeling In Ns2 Projects:

Objects called mobile models are integrated with ns2 in wireless model. Mobile nodes can move from place to place without any main control in network. In the environment of simulation tool nodes have the capacity to move.In a sensor networks entire node consist of Address resolution protocol and Link layer.

To get internet protocol address to the medium access control address, we use address resolution protocol.

Energy Consumption Model in Ns2 Projects:

Wireless network take into consideration module devices that has very low battery power, it must be considered in simulation energy consumption. For different energy model in network, there is an availability of network simulator energy. By specified value in network we represent the level of energy model. As energy level goes down network lifetime also decreases.

NS2 languages:

Article: OTCl is referred as article that can make changes fast but run slower. Objects and variables are provided by simulator. In different environment components could make network topology.

C++: For a detailed implementation of different protocol C++ is very useful.

For modeling the behavior of simulation node C++ code is effectively used.Five types of routing model are integrated in NS2 for Ad-hoc wireless network.

  • DSR
  • DSDV
  • TORA
  • PUMA
  • AODV
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