Weka Projects – Free Machine learning software built in java.

WEKA Projects are implemented with various key algorithm’s in java for different applications. Real world problems could be solved for data mining process using WEKA software.Weka is machine learning software built using java Program.Weka software contains a collection of various visualization tools. WEKA projects are developed in our concern by using latest technology tools like Elki, Knime,MOA,Orange,Rapidminer.WEKA is Waikato environment for knowledge analysis.Weka provides access to Database through Java based connectivity. In all Weka Projects data is processed through single file system or single relation system. Multiple file system cannot be processed at present using weka software, but we have software for converting multiple relational data mining tables into a single table. Currently sequence modelling cannot be obtained using weka software.

How to implement Weka Projects ?

In data mining, Weka Projects could be implemented in two ways. They are used as graphical user interface which is easy to use. To our own application, weka java library could be imported. Like GUI it is not easy to handle. Explorer includes selection of attribute, visualization process and pre-processing, experimenter states evaluating and testing learning process algorithms. Knowledge flow states visual design for data mining and knowledge discovery and explorer mechanism in weka projects.

Explorer 85
Experimentor 90
Knowledge Flow 95
Simple Command Line 100
Weka Projects

WEKA projects provide greater flexibility to user and it is open source software freely available to user. In an optimistic way it works under various algorithms.WEKA projects are carried out by using following techniques LTE, 4G, 5G, WI-FI, WI-MAX and so on.


Formats available in Weka Projects


CSV File format and Attribution File format are two types format currently available in Weka Projects.by default Attribution File format is used in Weka Projects for Data Mining analysis.

  • CSV File Format

It is a text format from ODBC connectivity data could be read.

  • Attribute relation file format

Data section, list a data records.Header defines name, type and relation information.

Features available in Weka Projects

  • Customized option for java source code.
  • Provide 76 classifications.
  • Provide 49 preprocessing tools.
  • Provide 76 regression algorithms.
  • Provide 3 algorithms to find association rules.
Tools utilized in Weka Projects:
  • Preprocessing filters.
  • Classification.
  • Attribute selection.
  • Clustering.
  • Visualization.
  • Association delivery.

User Interface of Weka Projects

Extensive collections of routines are covered with pre-processing referred as filters that enables data processing at instance and attribute value level. Standard command line interfaces are contained in these filters with set of command line called data filters.
By search combination and evaluation technique attributes are flexible. Various methods are provided under search technique as wrapping, filter gaining information, relief, ratio gain are involved in evaluation process.
A data mining algorithm is classification that creates step by step process to determine output of new data.
Grouping of data to determine various patterns are allowed in clustering. It could be visualized comparison with true cluster is allowed.
Under discrete values association discovery works.
Two dimensional plots of data are viewed, the final processes is visualization.
Total completed Weka Projects
2014-15.Completed Weka Projects
2015-16.Ongoing Weka Projects
Team members provided more number of topics with updated technologies. They explained the overview of every domain to select a project.
Jasmine - Peru, Weka Projects
They provide a unique concept to every student from IEEE papers. Their explanation provides great support for my projects. They delivered my projects with high quality.
John- Karnataka, Weka Projects
I had a lot of doubts in IEEE projects and implementation. I got a great support from the team members and developed efficient projects.  
Esther - Iraq, ARM Projects
Developed projects within the estimated time.
Daniel - Malaysia, Weka Projects