Mobile Application Development Projects.

Mobile application projects draws attention in software evolution analysis and software maintenance. Android phones or mobile phone that is seen by system software or application is known as mobile application.Mobile application projects are very useful for information system industry.  The burdens of designer works are reduced. High level representation of systems components analysis and mobile application are created. There is a huge increase of mobile application development projects in recent trends. Mobile applications projects can be executed anywhere using Smartphone.

Factors affecting Mobile Application Projects ? 

  • Memory usage.
  • Screen resolution.
  • Video clarity.
  • Connectivity.
  • Battery backup.

Limitations of  Mobile Application Projects:

  • Navigation has limited flexibility.
  • Small screen size.
  • Maintenance cost is high.
  • Smart phone & mobile application cost is too high.
  • All type of file format is not supported.
  • Processing and connectivity speed is very low.

Mobile application important characteristics:

Effective storageIn a single hand held devices large application could be stored.

Startup time: Quick mobile phone application and operating system startup is allowed. A short session time is allowed in mobile application.

Adaption: Over new upgrades mobile phone applications could easily skip.

Responsiveness: Acknowledgement of completion of requested action is provided in mobile application. Every action is responded with a small click.

Categories of Mobile Application Projects

Mobile Application development projects can be broadly classified into four groups.Utilities, Gaming, Travel, and Multimedia. Our concern dedicates to develop mobile application projects on following listed application models.


• Contact manager.
• Address book.
• Title manager.
• Log manager.


• Actions.
• Adventures.
• Learning games.
• Puzzles.


  •  Image viewer.
  •  Video player.
  • Audio player.
  • Video builder.


• Currency converter.
• GPS/GMAP service.
• Guide city route.
• Weather broadcasting.

Mobile application types :

Mobile application can be classified into three types as follows.

When the mobile phone operating system is native it is referred as native app. In objective JAVA or C the coding is written, most smart phones it is applicable. In IOS objective C language is supported while JAVA language in android phone from app store, native app is downloaded.
On remote server it is stored. A feel of native app is provided. In HTML5 web app code is written. In mobile phones browser it is run.
It is same as native app. integrating more than two things in a single application is referred as hybrid. In HTML5 or java script the hybrid app coding is written.
Total completed Mobile Application Projects
2014-15.Completed Mobile Application Projects
2015-16.Ongoing Mobile Application Projects
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