Robotics Projects for Engineering Students.

Robots are highest form of artificial intelligence that are manmade and performs man like activities. Electrical, mechanical and electronic students do projects on robotics. Various applications can be developed by means of electro mechanical movements. We offer more robotics based projects as students are more interested in it because of the automation system. Various hardware applications and devices are involved in the making of robotics projects sensing and detecting capabilities are imposed in robotics projects. Robotics is the future of world technologies. We propose projects on creating robots that are beneficial in rescue and spy area.

Characteristics of Robots:

  • Automatic system robots can perform operations without any external help.
  • Robots can perform multifunctional system.
  • Robots should be responsible based on their sensory input.
  • Robots are machines, which consist of mechanical devices , used in robots for doing work.
  • Reprogrammable robots can be reused.
  • Robots are more flexible that does not have any restriction to perform different kinds of job.

Classification of Robots:

Robots are generally classified into six types based on Purpose.

  • Robots based on use.
  • Robots based on mobility.
  • Robots based on motion control.
  • Robots based on capability.
  • Robots based on ARMS.
  • Robots based on End effectors.
Robotics Projects for engineering student
Robots on use.

Non Industrial Robots: These robots serve the specific purpose of application apart from that of industrial. Some of non industrial robots are part of dangerous projects such as chemical spills and bomb disposal. Non industrial robots also include in social welfare projects such assisting elders and nurses. Educational robots are high in demand now a day.

Industrial Robots: All industrial related performance such as painting, handling and welding of materials. Fixed location manipulation hands and arms are designed for factory robots.

Robots based on Mobility.

Mobile Robots: It is further classified as legged, wheeled and tracked. These robots are able to work in variety of places. Six or four legs are usually present in legged robots. It is quite challenging to create a two legged robot. But these challenges are faced and tried to overcome nowadays.

Fixed Robots: These robots can work only in a limited area. Most industrial robots are fixed and doesn’t have the ability to move around.

Robots based on Motion Control.

Servo Controlled Robots: A built in functionality with sensing ability are part of servo controlled robots. They are more flexible as its servo motors are designed to stop at any point.

Non Servo Control Robots: These robots have limited stops and sets. But these limited stops lead to continuous movements. It is fruitful in doing point to point tasks. They are also known as bang bang and pick and place robots.

Robots based on Capability.
There are three types of robots which are classified based on capability. They are first generation, second generation and third generation robots.
Robots based on ARMS.

This classification is based on arrangement and shape of motion of robots.

  • Cylindrical Coordinate Robot.
  • Joined Arm Robot.
  • Rectangular Coordinate Robot.
  • Spine Robot.
  • Spherical Coordinate Robot.
Robots based on End Effects.

It is part of a robot arm that can automatically change. Effectors namely vacuum, magnetic grippers and finger are available in magnetic grippers.

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