Introduction to Image Processing Projects and Concepts.

In Imaging science,using math operation a set of images is processed to get desired characteristic of an output image is called image processing Projects.Input Image is Processed using certain algorithm to get required output images in Image Processing Projects.Projects on image processing, lets 3D or 2D images to transform into different nodes. Pixel to pixel processing is used to transform images. Image processing methods like segmentation, classification, extraction and manipulation is increased in accuracy by using algorithms.Geo science, remote sensing, medical imaging and signal processing are the promising areas of Image Processing Projects.In Image Processing Projects, Signal Processing techniques are used in treating standard 2-D images.Computer vision and Computer graphics are two closely related concepts to image processing Projects.Problem formulation, creation of proposed algorithm, implementation and desired output results for Image Processing Projects are provided by our concern in an efficient manner and quick delivery.

Techniques used in Image Processing Projects

First through image acquisition images are obtained from any dataset.
Images are filtered using various techniques and converted.
Images are adjusted to enhance its contrast and edge
Classifies and segments the image.Restoration with mathematical model improves the images appearance
one dimensional to 2D or 3-D Images
Secured data is secretly transmitted and guarded by the process of compression with algorithms.

Medical Image Processing projects can be done by students of information technology, electrical and instrumentation, computer science, biomedical engineering and electrical and instrumentation. Projects on medical imaging lets get closer details on human organs.Medical imaging Processing Projects is the emerging branch of medicine and technology.

Medical Image Processing Projects

Digital image processing is a processing of scene data to be automatically processed by machine. Digital images are captured from digital cameras and scanners which have some pixel resolution, colors and image quality.Image analysis is a process of solving a problem of extracting information during manipulation of images in Image Processing Projects.

Digital Image Processing Projects

Image processing, computer vision and computer graphics are the categories of this field. Thesis should follow the sequence of problem formulation, creation of proposed algorithm, implementation and results. The manuscript of thesis should be published in a journal.Geoscience, remote sensing, medical imaging and signal processing are the promising areas of Image Processing thesis.

Image Processing Thesis

Image Processing Methods:

Thinning and skeletonizing: The binary valued image is brought to lines by thinning. The mid lines of images should be counted using thinning process. Time of transmission is reduced and made efficient by this process. Binary skeletons are retrieved by Matlab function. Thinning and skeletonizing algorithms are helpful in various applications like,

  • Counting and labeling.
  • Biological shape description.
  • Industrial Inspection.
  • Thresholding Images.
  • Data reduction.
  • Image coding.
  • Pattern recognition.

Inherent edge broadening in gradient image has to be eliminated in the process of edge thinning. The transformation process is done with the help of pavlidis thinning algorithm.

Thresholding: Types of thresholding are

  • Semi thresholding.
  • Global thresholding.
  • Variable thresholding.
  • Multi level thresholding.

The whole image is needed for global thresholding. Different valued objects of interest are separated in this method. The pixels of object and background should also be isolated. The object pixel is represented by 1 and remaining pixels are 0.

Multi level thresholding segments the pixel as multiple classes. The range of threshold is taken into account for semi thresholding. Lastly variable thresholding applies many levels of thresholding to different regions of an image.

Image Quality: Spectral resolution, spatial resolution, time resolution and radiometric resolution are the types of quality. Quality of the image is very essential in image processing.

Spatial resolution is the closeness of image samples in image plane. With many grey levels radiometric resolution can be obtained.

Redundancy: It is an essential process in data representation. Types of redundancy are Coding, Psycho, visual, Data compression and Inter pixel.Symbols are used to code grey level of images. More information is need in psycho visual redundancy. The file size is reduced by elimination of unnecessary information in data compression. Pixel values are obtained from its neighbors for inter pixel values.

Application of Image Processing Projects:

  • Printing Industry.
  • Graphic Arts.
  • Forensic Studies.
  • Medical Industry.
  • Document Processing.
  • Non- destructive Evaluation.
  • Film Industry.
  • Research and Development.
  • Remote Sensing.
  • Signal Processing.
  • Medical Imaging.
  • Agriculture.
  • Dynamics
Types of Blurring Concepts:

Any image that is needed to be processed has many difficulties. These difficulties can be overcome using certain blurring concepts.

Block blur, linear blur and Gaussian blur are some of the blurring technique is used to increase the image’s quality.

Linear blurring gives poor quality images sometimes Gaussian blur support adobe Photoshop and it blurs the whole image.

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