Research guide for Big Data projects.

What is big data? Collection of data among pools and to interlink it to create results is carried in big data projects. Big data projects play a vital role in research area of data mining. Big data projects deals with memory utilization analyzing of data that is stored in cloud environment. Collection of large amount of data can be managed, analyzed and stored as big data. The name itself denotes a large amount of data by using database software tools. Big data projects serves as option to select titles for researcher’s analysis. In our concern we support more big data projects by hadoop Implementation. For researchers and academic students framework design related projects and map reduce process in big data can be educated by our research guide for big data projects.

Life cycle of  Big data Projects:

For achieving interoperability of large scale data, the big data projects have the following life cycle:

Analysis:  Analyzing mining data from the data base is called analysis. Knowledge of mining data as file type, source and destination and file size are provided.

Application: For retail industry, financial and other scientific industry, commercial and data mining applications are developed.

Aggregation: It is collecting information from different resources and providing comprehensive format is aggregation.

Acquisitions: The method of defining how collects data from various sources and dividing the data into various chunks and classifying the data to various data into all server system.


Large amount of raw data collection are done by big data, it is an emerging technology. Data quality and monitoring can be done by applying big data and hadoop functions.

Terminology used in Big data Projects

  • Meta data: mapping operation among two terminologies is called Meta data.
  • Unstructured data: an unstructured data has no pre-set format. Example video files, audio and movies.
  • Structured data: pre-set format is contained in structured data. Example banking transaction.
  • Real time data: Real time data is known as streaming of data.
  • Semi structured data: to provide format description structure data are linked with unstructured data.

Challenges  faced in Big Data Projects

Security Challenges:

Accessing security cloud is a challenging task as it has a weak security mechanism.  Various encryption technologies must be applied to provide robust security mechanism. DOS and U2R attacks are faced by most of big data applications. Using various networking components in cloud environment, topology can be created.

Communication challenges:

Communication cost is the challenge mostly faced. By providing additional storage and data requirement and cost must be minimized is the challenge is big data environment.


Area Utilizing Big Data Project concepts
  • Insurance.
  • Banking.
  • Government.
  • Education.
  • Health care.
  • Media and Communication.
  • Marketing.
  • Manufacture.
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Our concern provide big data project ideas and helps to implement your big data projects with effective output.
Big Data Projects PDF

Sample Big Data Projects:

We have supported and guided academic students and research scholars on big data projects for listed below topics. Various type of visualization, algorithms for classifications, clustering and predictive modeling and the big data projects are provided for research scholar in their project.

  • Tourist area recommendation system.
  • Data mining with big data.
  • Key aware distribution of service recommendation system.
  • Decompression of semantic data set and graphs.
  • Smart city array data management.

How to create Big Data Projects bigger,better and Faster?

Major problem faced by users in big data is it slow down the process when there is an increase in data file.In future it will act as an apache hadoop framework and it will be bigger, better, faster and stronger.

Large amount of raw data collection are done by big data, it is an emerging technology. Data quality and monitoring can be done by applying big data and hadoop functions.

Advantages of Big Data Projects
Low Cost Process. 80
Cloud Environment. 85
Large Data Quantity 90
More Accurate. 90
Easily Import New services and Products. 95
Fast Decision Making 100
Tools Used in Big Data Projects.

We have listed some Tools used in Big data Projects,

couch DB, mongo DB, hyper table, redis.
Pipes, Rtool, Big sheets.
Apache pig, green plum, hadoop, apache live.
Amazon EC2, beans talk, Google App engine
Total Completed Big Data Projects
2014-15.Completed Big Data Projects
2015-16.Ongoing Big Data Projects