Medical Image Processing Projects.

Medical imaging is the emerging branch of medicine and technology. It has become an integral part of hospitals. Medical image processing projects are very similar digital image processing. These projects can be done by students of information technology, electrical and instrumentation, computer science, biomedical engineering and electrical and instrumentation. Projects on Medical imaging lets gain closer details on human organs. A wide range of topics focusing the field of disease identification is performed by researchers on Medical Image Processing Projects.Medical-Image-Processing-Projects

Image Modalities:

The modalities that are required to get the desired output are given below:

MRI: Magnetic field and radio frequency waves are used by MRI. It is otherwise known as effective imaging of protons. Hydrogen nucleus is the widely used image proton. Diseases such as brain position, tumor and disorder are detected using MRI.

Rays: Injuries on body parts, cells or bones can be detected using X- rays. Film of radiography used to take pictures. By x- rays electrons unit electromagnetic radiation.

Computer Tomography: It helps in detecting problems of head injury. It also helps in detecting lung cancer cells.

PET: Positron emission tomography aids doctors in identifying chemical or physiological changes that is related to metabolism. CT technique also helps in PET scans. Detection of sugar metabolism, blood flow, perfusion, oxygen utilization and receptor ligand binding rates.


Ultrasound: By using reflection of sound from the organ ultrasound pictures are taken. This sound information is then formed into an image.

Overall Process of Medical Imaging:

With the help of various modalities a human organ is scanned and taken for analysis. Output is obtained by processing many algorithms. This output is called as reconstructed cross sectional image.

 Application and Types of Tomography:

X-rays scans the whole body. Mammography scan is done by ultrasound technique. PET scans respiratory, brain and digestive systems. MRI can also perform whole body scan. Respiratory and digestive system is canned by radio isotopes.

Advantages of Medical Imaging Processing Projects.

  • Image Guided Interventions and Minimally Invasive Surgery.
  • Optimal Treatment Based On Personalized Medicine.
  • Individual Risk Assessment.
  • Screening the Specific Disease Entities.
  • Early Detection of Subclinical Disease.
  • Prevention.

Different forms of Diagnostic Images are classified into diagnostic radiology, ultrasonography, computer tomography, nuclear scintigraphy, magnetic resonance imaging and radiation therapy.

Medical Thesis Topics.

Medical thesis is doing projects on various sub domains of medical imaging. Other than medical imaging medical thesis also covers biomedical engineering projects based on medical imaging requires the students to create a new invention.

Research scholars of medical imaging need to choose a specific human organ for their research. Medical thesis helps medical diagnosis and treatment to move further.Future of medical thesis belongs in creating some augmented reality applications. It helps in determining and evaluating certain human organs. We offer project topics on augmented reality related applications.

Medical imaging overall flow
  • Human Organ.
  • Image Device.
  • Pre-Processing.
  • Reconstruction.
  • Interpretation.

Kidney stones presented are in human body which can give more interruption to function organs. Kidney images are taken from modalities. Kidney images are normally captured from CT scan and ultrasonic.

Large database of kidney images are collected and it can be processed neural network algorithm to identify number of images can be affected by stone.

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