NS3 Network Simulator Projects.

Network simulator 3 is a discrete event driven simulator.NS3 Projects provide flexible simulation for both wireless and wired networking system. Network simulation has become a valuable one in last few years due to constant growth in networks and internet. NS3 projects have gained wide importance because of current world screenplay on accessing internet. Adhoc and sensor which is wireless network can be simulated through NS3 discrete simulator. NS3 projects are carried by students and scholars in C++ coding and flexible implementation are derived. Through NS3 energy consumption related protocols are developed. Lot of NS3 projects are carried out in energy consumption related protocols.

Objects of NS3 Projects:

Various objects are associated with networking environment for NS3 Projects.

Node: A basic computing device using a network in NS3 is known as node. In C++ class abstraction of node is represented.

Application: For a user program NS3 basic abstraction can be stimulated by class application. Management application for user level simulation is provided in NS3 application class. To generate network packets applications compose a server/ client application.

Channel: A physical connector that connects various communication devices by a single cable or medium is a channel. To connect different nodes and represent same objects in a medium network simulator NS3 channel is applied. Basic communication abstraction in network is known as communication channel in a network. In C++ code language abstraction communication channel represent their objects.

Containers: NS3 possess 3 containers

  • Net device containers.
  • Node containers.
  • IPV4 address containers.
ns3 project

Socket: Socket is known as interface between network stack and an application. There are 2 types of sockets for NS3 in a network APIs.

Net Device: For interfacing and providing proper communication NS3 consists of several net devices. In an IO interface of a node, a network card is a device used to plug. Net device cover software drive and simulation hardware. Multiple net devices can be connected in a node. C++ code language is used to represent net device.

Packet: Packet consists of tags, buffer and metadata. To store data temporarily buffer is used. Tags in a packet provide set of arbitrary or data structure of a packet. Types of headers and trailers to be serialized are described in metadata.

NS3 Projects Features:

Software integration: NS3 Projects support many open sources networking software like routing protocol, packet tracer or kernel protocol.

Realism: Nodes carried in NS3 Projects are a faithful representation of real computers, for key interfaces and multiple node interfaces they provide support.

New software core: NS3 Projects is designed to improve coding style, modularity, documentation scalability, object aggregation and capabilities are used.

Developed in C++. 90
Tracing Facility. 96
Direct code Execution. 87
Easy Debugging. 100

Protocols supported in NS3 Projects:

  • Transport and congestion control like TCP, UDP and DCCP.
  • IPV6 protocols.
  • Unicast Routing protocols.
  • Voice over IP.
  • Middle boxes like NAT and firewall.
  • Peer to Peer include Bit Torrent and Gnutella.
  • Multicast routing protocols.
  • Wireless protocols includes 802.11, 802.16, 802.15.4 GPRS/ CDMA/ GSM.
  • Network protocols like FTP, HTTP and SNMP.
NS3 Modes:

Two modes are consisted in NS3 Projects:

Expert mode: For complicated networking scenarios, expert mode support simulation. To carryout simulation C++ language is required by expert mode.

Novice mode: For simple simulations which is constructing with text based configuration. Novice mode is used C++ programming language is not required.

Hash Functions in NS3 Projects:

For general purpose hash functions in NS3 projects  provides perfect interface. Hash function in NS3 returns 32 to 64 bit hash of data buffer or string.Default underlying poses the function used in NS3 is murmur3 , as it has good hash function properties and 64 bit version is given.

A straightforward mechanism for altering and adding the hash module is FNV1 a hash key.

Advantages of NS3:
  • Application cost of NS3 can be very low it could provide practical network design and operating environment for large number of students and researches.
  • Forecast function can be unmatched for other method of simulation.
  • New simulation mechanism makes it reliability high under different network environment.
  • Simulation results can be easily reproduced at any time.
  • NS3 can be used in many application and create optimized design for large network.
  • It is more flexible and visual for designing network protocols.
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