Image Processing Thesis for Research Scholars.

Image processing is a discipline process of input and output images. Geoscience, remote sensing, medical imaging and signal processing are the promising areas Image Processing Thesis. Image processing, computer vision and computer graphics are the categories of this field. Thesis should follow the sequence of problem formulation, creation of proposed algorithm, implementation and results. The manuscript of thesis should be published in a journal.The main focus of image processings future is new sensors like PALSAR and ALOS PRISM. Our offer in this research word is to innovate much advancement in remote sensing and other areas related to Image Processing.

Promising Areas of Image Processing Thesis.

Image Processing Thesis can be written by research scholars depends upon their concepts.  Usually, Image Processing thesis concepts are selected on the basis of their objective areas of cryptography, steganography, watermarking, biometric recognition, object detection disease identification. Steganography is the process of hiding or covering original information by another image or text.  Covered image only visually displayed which could not be easily recovered by unauthorized persons.

Image Processing Thesis on Remote Sensing. 90
Image Processing Thesis on Signal Processing 95
Image Processing Thesis on Medical Imaging. 100
Remote Sensing.
Earth’s surface and atmosphere are observed from space through remote sensing. Satellite is used to get images. Some of the functions of remote sensing are given below:

  • Agriculture.
  • Vegetation dynamics.
  • Soil mapping.
  • Forestry.
  • City planning.
  • Water quality dynamics.
  • Land over changes.
  • Military observations.

Various branches of science are used in remote sensing like electronics, computer, photography, satellite launching and optics. There are many levels of remote sensors they are transmission of energy from surface to remote sensor. Absorption, scattering and analysis of data and emission of electromagnetic radiation. It also does shadow detection and removal concept. Convexity model is used in shadow detection and boundary extraction.

Signal Processing.

Communication by analog and digital processing. Signal processing makes use of quantization, filtering, convolution, sampling and reconstruction to process.

Noise reduction, digital waveform generators, signal enhancement and digital audio effects are the application of signal processing.

Audio and video signal processing are the two types of signal processing. Detection of movement and object are done by video signal processing.

Surveillance camera system makes use of this processing. Video processing can detect unusual activities. There are two types of Fourier analysis.

Fourier series is used to analysis periodic signals like regular heart beats. Whereas Fourier transforms analyses non periodic signals like EEG signals.

Medical Imaging.
Scanned images of human or animal body parts are acquired by medical imaging. This image acts as input which leads to a series of process. Some of the features of medical imaging are:

  • X- Ray Imaging.
  • Computed Tomography (CT).
  • Scinitigraphy.
  • Ultrasound Imaging (US).
  • Positron Emission Tomography (PET).
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

Medical images have many dimensions. Most importantly 2D slices and 3D volumetric data are considered for processing. Diseases in organs are identified by image processing techniques and algorithms. Detection of liver cancer, kidney stone, brain tumor, diabetic retinopathy and tongue analysis and lung cancer are done by this process. Type of tumor in brain as benign or malignant are detected. Cancer in lungs or liver is detected by classification algorithms.

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