Augmented Reality Projects – Virtual Real World Environment.

Augmented Reality Projects requires creative vision from developers. Creating a duplicate world surroundings by computer of virtual real world environment is Augmented Reality.100% success is attained in our concern for entire augmented reality projects. In Augmented Reality Projects, objects are represented in 3-D Model. In this method, user can see Real World environment with virtual objects. Visual background and simplicity is the most attracted feature in AR. To create visualized topology framework Ad hoc network and wireless sensor are utilized. By utilizing Augmented Reality Technology…Artificial Information can be supplemented with computer-generated sensory input such as video, graphics, sound, and GPS data in Real World Environment.

Functions Carried in Augmented Reality Projects.

Scene Identification, Scene visualization, Scene capture, Scene processing are four important functions carried during augmented reality projects.

Mixed image of virtual content and real space are produced in AR system.
From capturing process, reality in augmented model is started. By video or image such as camera as a device Augmented reality can be captured.
By internet or any kind of database scene processing in carried out. By virtual content request scene becomes clearly identified.
To identify the correct position of virtual content that is to be embedded captured reality must be scanned. It is rectified by markers or tracking technologies as sensors, GPS and infrared.
Augmeneted Reality Projects for Engineering students support panel

Applications using Augmented Reality Projects.

  • Maintenance and Repair of complex machinery AR system can be used.
  • By using AR model Tele operation robot path planning can be done.
  • 3D visuals can be controlled by computer motion camera.
  • To annotate environments and objects AR is used.
  • Augmented reality Projects to visualize models of construction sites, cables ,pipes using mobile devices and underground structures.
  • Product Preview can be enhanced without opening the package using augmented reality projects.
  • AR Technology can be used to visualize and modify a vehicle body structure and engine layout with visualization.
  • Makeup Genius an app created by L’Oreal Paris helps apply makeup test by sitting in front of camera dubbed as out of body experience which created Revelation in beauty sector using Augmented Reality Concepts

Hardware used in Augmented Reality Projects


To produce real world view for augmented policies with glass devices, AR devices must be equipped. Only through smart glasses AR image can be projected. SixthSense,Google Glass,Epson are some list of smart glasses ,currently in production.Smart glasses helps to add more information onto reality and helps to see better.Internal or External sensors is used to derive information.


Head Mounted Display:

Images for both physical and virtual objects are provided in HMD. Headset, helmet with one or more displays is contained in Head Mounted Displays. capability of reflecting projected digital images as well as allowing the user to see through it, or see better with it.


Smart Lenses.

To control functional system conventional lenses in AR is used as communication circuits, integrating control circuits, opto-electronic components and LED.Smart lenses play a vital role in augmented reality projects in near future.


Spatial Augment Reality :

On top of real world image spatial Augment Reality, virtual content can be displayed, AR system enable 3D projection and is stationary in nature. Any number of users can view SAR systems.Spatial AR concepts are widely used in research and development industry.


Handheld Instrumenation AR:

In Handheld devices as laptops, smart phones and tablets lots of advancements have come in recent trends. Support wireless technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS.  Function as portable media players to send audio and video files to the user via a Bluetooth or WiFi headset


For high resolution output management model or larger display stationary AR is more suitable. Moving functionality is not possessed in AR model. By environment stationary AR is not affected.Stationary systems augmented reality projects creates a wave path for lot of upcoming technologies .We create stationary system AR related Projects.

Augmeneted Reality Projects on games for Engineering students support panel
Unique characteristics of augmented reality projects
Combines Virtual and Real Environment 100
Registered in 3-D 95
Portability 85
Multimodal displays 87
Higher accuracy 90
Greater Input variety 97
Interactive in Real time 90
Total completed Augmented Reality Projects
2014-15.Completed Augmented Reality Projects
2015-16.Ongoing Augmented Reality Projects
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