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VANET projects focus on wide range of safety. Large numbers of wireless devices in vehicles are supported in VANET projects. VANET expanded as vehicular adhoc network.  VANET projects have the potential capability to improve road and vehicle safety. In the field of research and development VANET projects have its huge contribution. VANET promotes safety for passengers and drivers. NS2 provide correct simulation results for vehicular network environment. VANET projects in NS2 are being developed by our technicians successfully by applying current technologies in trend. Network simulator is used to implement in vehicular network projects that is followed by safety manager, toll collection, data transfer and roadside unit control. Sample VANET projects Topics are as follows: Security challenges in VANET, broadcast storm problem, handover mechanism in VANET,to find out the distance between vehicles in order to avoid the collision problem using VANET, inter connectivity related concepts in VANET.

VANET Architecture.

Several parameters are used in constructing VANET Architecture.

Throughput: The amount of data per unit, delivered from one vehicle to another is throughput. by bits per unit or packets per unit, throughput can be measured. Delivery and data transmission can be done by communication link. Receiving and sending of packets can be performed by high throughput. Packet dropping in network is indicated in lesser throughput.

Average throughput: A network which is calculated by total throughput occurred in a network is average throughput. By time interval, length average throughput is measured. Bits per unit TIL or packet per unit TIL measurement system of throughput is provided.

Packet size: The data amount that is composed within a packet is packet size. The parameter that plays a vital role in network is packet size. Byte is the term used to measure packet size. Packet loss could be varied on basis of packet size throughput.

Packet drop: The number of packets dropped in network before reaching the destination is packet drop. In case of congestion, packet drop occur.

Vanet Projects in NS2

End to end delay: A parameter used in vehicular network is end to end delay. In packet transmission, overall delay could be given. Application agent could be calculated, destination node and both source are used. Small latency in vehicular network is required in end to end delay to provide quick message.

Simulation time: The time taken to simulate project in a network is simulation time. In seconds, the time taken for simulation is measured.


On basis of communication VANET is classified into three types as follows.

Vanet transportation system: VANET supported vehicle could broadcast ideas to transport agency and other devices. Intelligent transportation system is provided by VANET. By radio interface, vehicles could communicate with roadside buffer. Hardware devices must be possessed in the vehicle as differential global positioning system (DGPS) and global positioning system (GPS). Short range communication in vehicular network is supported by adhoc network.

Inter vehicle communication: Intelligent broadcasting and native broadcasting are the two kinds of message forwarding process in an inter vehicle communication. The number of messages broadcasted in vehicular network address can be eliminated in intelligent broadcasting. At regular intervals in native broadcasting, each vehicle or node broadcast messages. All broadcasted messages and forwarding direction are supported in native broadcasting.

Vehicle to roadside communication: High bandwidth link among roadside units and vehicles are supported in vehicle to roadside communication. To maintain high data rates in huge traffic in each kilometer, roadside link can be located. To find out approximate traffic conditions and speed limit roadside units are used. By visual or audio alert, speed limits in vehicle are delivered.

Threats Faced in VANET Projects:

Denial of service attack: By inside and outside attackers in vanet denials of service in VANET are occurred. By carrying unwanted messages in network delay in service are occurred.

Spamming: Increasing transmission latency is provided in spam messages on VANET. Large risk towards control of basic maintenance and infrastructure are given by spamming in VANET. Centralized control for administration is not possessed in VANET.


Malware: Virus or worms in VANET is known as malware.Unwanted disturbance in operation could be created by VANET. Inside or outside attackers are introduced in malware attackers.

Black hole: When nodes refuse to participate in network or at times when an established node drops out black hole is formed.

Vanet Simulators:

Traffic and network simulations are provided by VANET  simulators for the purpose of traffic and transportation engineering traffic simulators.

We make use of network simulator for network protocols and applications. GUI is supported by VANET. Trace files for other NS2 or Qualnet simulators can be generated by VANET.

VANET characteristics:

  • Frequently disconnected network.
  • Highly dynamic topology.
  • Mobility prediction and modeling.
  • Hard delay.
  • Communication environment.
  • Patterned mobility.
  • On board sensors.
  • Propagation model.
  • Highly dynamic topology.

Vanet simulation challenges:

Large number of node is required in simulation for vanet when compared to mobile adhoc network.

Obstacles: During transmission many obstacles are involved. Signal distortion and disturbance occurs when wireless signals passing by mountains or buildings.

Accurate topology map: Various speed limitations and densities are managed is street topologies. For the purpose of simulation environment accurate topology must be added to vanet.

Vehicle characteristics: Representation of characteristics must be accurate in vanet simulation, especially in real environment category of vehicle. E.g.: speed of bus, truck and car.

Time patterns: In a vehicle environment busy & normal time pattern are categorized by simulations. For different time of delay traffic density is different in a network.

VANET Routing Protocols.

For handover the FMIP6, MMIP6, HMIP6, NEMO, genetic algorithm, IEEE 802.11p, etc routing protocols are used. Handover scheme reduces the handover latency, packet loss signaling overhead.Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET) is the most important component of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), named data networking in which vehicles are equipped with some short-range and medium-range wireless communication.

Challenges faced in vanet projects:

Business challenges: The main aim in vanet is to create a fresh and new market. Special and proper advertisement is required to understand all potential of vanet.

Technical challenges: For transport use, vanet do not posses a specific protocol. By means of changes, new protocols must be designed. Both rural and urban atmosphere, vanet must work in low & high vehicle density.

VANET Applications.

Wide range of applications is supported in VANET projects. VANET supports information dissemination both Single Hop and Multihop.

  • Road hazard control notification.
  • Safety applications such as monitoring, identification of road surface, surrounding identification and road curve detection.
  • To help vehicle in emergency situation cooperative message transfer is used.
  • Automatic parking.
  • Vehicle collision warning.
  • Driverless vehicles.
  • Security distance warning.
  • Cooperative cruise control.
  • Dissemination of road information.
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