Renewable Energy Projects for Engineering Students.

Renewable energy projects are based on advances in renewable energy resources. Renewable energy projects helps in rural places and remote areas. All types of renewable energy projects are developed in our concern. Renewable energy is generated from natural resources as Wind, Rain, Water, and Sunlight, Geothermal heat. From the above renewable energy, electricity is generated. Our Concern assist research scholars in implementing renewable energy projects for engineering students with best customer support.

Renewable energy methods:

Two different methods of solar energy are

  • Solar thermal energy (STE).
  • Photo voltaic (PV).

Solar thermal energy (STE):

  • To produce thermal energy solar energy is used.
  • To produce electricity, concentrated solar power is used.
  • Low, medium and high temperature solar thermal collectors, used to heat water.

Photo voltaic (PV):

  • Convert sunlight directly to electricity.
  • From wafers solar cells are made.

Solar energy:

The energy derived from sun is solar energy. It is clean source of renewable energy. It is converted to a usable energy as electricity.

Solar panels: Collect heat energy from sun.

Solar cells: It is a device which takes light energy as input and converts electricity as output.

Solar energy uses:

  • To heat air.
  • Industrial uses.
  • To heat water.
  • Solar electric power generation.
  • Vehicles run on solar power.
  • Heat living spaces.
  • Solar watches.
  • To change phones.

Renewable energy projects based on solar:

  • Solar energy measurement system.
  • Solar powered auto irrigation system.
  • Solar power charge controller.
  • Solar powered LED Street light.
  • Sun tracking solar panel.

Hydro power:

From force or energy of moving water, hydropower, hydraulic power or water power is derived.

Hydro power uses:

  • Moving water is captured to generate electric power.
  • Different parts are: penstock, dam, turbine, outflow, and transformer.
  • Turbine blades are turned by falling water.
  • The turbine converts hydraulic energy to mechanical energy.
  • The alternator converts mechanical energy to electrical energy.
Types of renewable energy projects:
  • Wind energy.
  • Solar energy.
  • Water power.
  • Biomass or bio fuels.
  • Geothermal energy.
Applications of Renewable Energy Projects.
  • Wind turbine.
  • Solar panels.
  • Hydroelectricity.
  • Biomass.
  • Geothermal.
  • Tidal power.