Peersim Projects.

Peersim acts as simulator for implementation of peer to peer systems. Peersim projects are developed among peer to peer systems for an effective communication. Dynamic schemes are supported and assures scalable environment as churn and far-line neodels in PEERSIM. In java programming language the simulator code are written. Peersim Projects aim is to balance with P2P system properties to attain scalability and boost up dynamism. Node, CD Protocol, Linkable, Control are four component interface used in Peersim projects. Recently many researchers’ analyze Peersim techniques, as it provides optimistic communication. Peersim projects are based on various protocols and engine.

Life cycle of Peersim:

To build blocks of object for the purpose of modular programming Peersim are designed. Same interface is implemented while each block is replaced by other component.

In a cyclic process, simulation processes are carried out:

  • By simulator class invocation simulation is being run with configuration file.
  • Based on network size the numbers of nodes are chosen.
  • To monitor properties control object are chosen and parameters are modified.
  • To demonstrate with and to initialize protocol more than one protocol are selected.

Features of Peersim Models:

Modularity. 87
Scalability. 92
Vector Abstraction. 87
Graph construction. 80
Transport Layer 96

Peersim application:

Recently many researchers’ analyze Peersim techniques, as it provides optimistic communication. Peersim projects are based on various protocols and engine.

  • Telecommunication.
  • Bit torrent application.
  • Science communities.
  • Networking.
  • Communications.
  • Research and Development.
  • Wireless Communications.
Types of Peersim Engine:

Cycle driven (CD):Cycle driven engine based on time scheduling algorithm is very efficient and scalable process. A network of 10^6 nodes could be achieved in Peersim. Synchronization of transports & messages are not possible.

Event driven:A simulation engine in Peersim that is realistic is event driven. Normal and epidemic protocols make use of event driven. Cycle driven protocols can also run. Network up to 2.5 *10^4 nodes are allowed.

Components of Peersim Projects:

Development and extension of Peersim is very easy. Various types of component are created and allowed by user in interface.

A protocol designed to run in cycle based model is CD protocol interface. A periodic behavior of peer could be defined.
Network peer could be defined by node. A fixed identifier is possessed by every node along with protocols known as protocol stack that defines simulation behavior. In cloning method instance nodes and protocols are generated. To implement cloning method for nodes and protocols node interfaces plays a vital role.
Group of neighbor nodes could be accessed, linkable interface assures service to another protocol. Network topology provides class Peersim core. The linkable classes that are similar over nodes are defined. The important task of this protocol is to act as source of neighbor node information for other protocol and specify a behavior for linkable component periodically.
An object that is scheduled for executing at the time of simulation process is control interface. An observer is other name for controls as it schedule simulation periodically or modify behavior of protocol at simulation process. Initialization run at initialize phase simulation instance internal states of protocols are initialized when it runs on each node.
Total completed PEERSIM Projects
2014-15.Completed PEERSIM Projects
2015-16.Ongoing PEERSIM Projects
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