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Mobile adhoc network (MANET) is a continuously self-configuring, infrastructure-less network of mobile devices framework. It is a wireless network with a set of mobile nodes. The nodes are called as mobile nodes because they can move at range of frequency. MANET should enhance its quality of service in order to use the mobile nodes to attain powerful communication. MANET projects require routing process to find the shortest path between mobile nodes. Mobile Ad hoc network requires routing techniques to make some nodes communicate. Following are some examples MANET projects topics: Due to the infrastructure less property of MANET, the possibility of attack can occur. To prevent attacks in MANET number of routing mechanism are available. During multicast transmission of data in MANET to provide security, inter cluster and re keying mechanism are used. To discover the battery power failure in MANET, PRP routing protocols is used. For video streaming application in MANET, buffer management scheme is used to manage the packet queues in effective manner. In disaster recovery place, a house watching network is build in MANET to maintain the power in efficient manner.

Characteristics of MANET:

Decentralized operation: As there is no infrastructure there is no control over network operations. So to get proper communication the nodes should be cooperative to each other.

Lightweight resources: Mobile nodes are light weight as they have little memory size and less power storage.

Random topology: Due to the constant movement of mobile nodes, the network topology changes randomly.

Shared physical medium: Wireless communication medium is the physical medium.

It shares its access to communicate too many equipments.

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Categories in MANET:

MANET is classified into two types as follows

  • IMANETS (internal based MANET).
  • VANET (vehicular ad hoc network).

Gateway nodes and mobile nodes are connected using iMANET. Cluster communication between nodes is made possible with gateway nodes.

Vehicles and road side instruments are connected via communication through VANET. This vehicles act as mobile nodes. It is used to make vehicles accident free.

MANET Routing Process:

Routing protocols are needed to get routing without traffic. It is also needed to clear path for routing. Route Request (RREQ) and route replay (RREP) packets are used. Based on this routing packet the routing protocols are further more classified as reactive, hybrid and proactive routing protocols.

The fate of 4g network lies in this MANET projects. Pervasive computing the interaction between machine and human is enriched using this. We also try to improve Manet’s service quality.

Service Routing in MANET:

Service Routing in MANET deals in service discovery and delivery process in MANET. To derive correct service matches of MANET, service discovery routing protocols are used.

Salutation, salutation-lite, jinni, UDDI, service location protocol and UPNP are the protocols used in service discovery. In MANET, group based service is also enabled.

For a specific routing service, discovery protocol is used.

MANET Projects Simulation Tools:

The main feature of MANET is mobility due to its high cost and low flexibility. In MANET there are many simulation tools available. In adhoc, test bed simulation tool is used to enable the experimentation for applications and protocols. To simulate experiment in MANET, the following tools are used.

Advantages of manet projects.
  • Improved flexibility
  • Provide access to information and services regardless of geographic position.
  • Scalable
  • Robust due to decentralize administration
  • Less expensive compared with wired network.
  • Network can be set up at any time and any place.
  • Independence from central network administrator.

Application of MANET Projects.

  • Commercial sector.
  • Multimedia communication.
  • Military battlefield.
  • Business and official environments.
  • Bluetooth communication.
  • Personal area network.
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