OPNET simulation projects support faster implementation in application and codes. The behavior and performance for any type of network can be easily simulates by using OPNET. OPNET refers “Optimum Network Performance”. The simulations of whole heterogeneous network with different protocols are enhancing by OPNET. OPNET simulation project are developed by us on large bases as it is the very large and packed software used it work with complex network as large number of devices, small change in network or more traffic flows. OPNET have the ability to predict behavior and verification of device configuration.

OPNET Simulation Features:

  • Support grid computing.
  • Provide graphical modeling approach called graphical user interface.
  • Statistical data generation is customized.
  • Provide integration, GUI based debug and analysis.
  • Varieties of comprehensive analysis tools are available.

Network Simulator Tools:

Network simulator tools available are as follows. Ns2, Ns3, Omnet++, Opnet, Qualnet, Jsim, Netsim for ad hoc project for students.

For simulating different types of network, NS 2 plays a fundamental role. To design new wired and wireless network NS2 is very helpful tool. The working screen of packet transmission and reception from source to destination is provided by NS2.

Ns2 Projects

NS3 is used for research and development process, it is an open source software. NS3 programming language use core model of C++.By using Python core model NS3 modules can be imported. In our firm we carry out network simulator projects that are done through NS3 simulator.

NS3 Projects

OPNET support wireless and wired network simulation condition. OPNET are represented by set simulation scenarios. Data collection method and graphical tools are present in Opnet environment communication among various network simulators are provided in OPNET.

Opnet Projects

Omnet++ is flexible than other simulation tools, it is an open source component based discrete event simulation tool. Simulation of communication networks is the basic application of Omnet++. A Linux platform runs Omnet++, it compose of kernel command line interface, graphical network editor and documentation.

Omnet++ Projects

Qualnet is based on C++ working model and is a parallel discrete event scheduler. Qualnet provides probability and scalability to run thousands of nodes at a time. Using various protocols Qualnet can support libraries and models to enable design networks. Large wireless networks and new protocols can be designed by Qualnet.

Qualnet Projects

Choose Statistics: Statistics can be collected in two ways. Object statistics are collected from individual nodes in network. Global statistics choose statistics from entire network.

Run simulation: Run simulation process is ready after construction of object, topology, network, chosen statistics and traffic.

View and Analyze Results:  In a graphical format with GUI support result are viewed by user. OPNET allows protocols and nodes to model as classes with different object oriented design feature, user can model network topology with nested sub network strategies. At the process level behavior model of individual object is facilitated. At the network level the user can interconnect devices by links to network.

Advantages of Opnet Simulation Projects:

  • Implement AP only for relay function so any station can AP and provide control in BSS as AP.
  • High layer integration.
  • Implement all DCF features which include RTS/CTS and fragmentation.
  • Various networks can be simulated in OPNET. When compared to NS2, OPNET is easier.
  • To model all networks it can be used. Various applications simulation can be completed in limited time.

Applications of Opnet Simulation Projects:

  1. Wireless communication schemes.
  2. Network Planning for WAN and LAN to clear challenges in implementation.
  3. Management of fiber optic based network and microwave.
  4. In various applications opnet simulation is used.

OPNET is used and it acts as a commercial simulation tool. Students who are interested in OPNET find their future very easy in the industry field. Research and academic purpose OPNET plays an important Role.