Zigbee Projects for Students.

ZigBee is a wireless PAN technology that contains low bit rate and  power. Zigbee technology is meant for wireless automation. Projects on ZigBee technologies can widen the student knowledge on the subject. Many new innovative technologies based on wireless network communication can be created with ZigBee technologies. Because of its low cost it has wide reach in the area of communication. Many telecommunication applications are ZigBee based due to its link with Bluetooth. Various nodes are supported by ZigBee in an international standard. Electronic devices with sensor controls can make use of ZigBee technology. PhD scholars can base their research on ZigBee technologies.

Devices Used in Zigbee Projects.

ZigBee Router: An application needs this router for running. It also behaves as a medium for other. All information regarding routing and data passing can be obtained through ZigBee.

ZigBee End Device: This device enables communication among parent node and child node. Nodes can be allowed to be asleep at the time of unprocessing. It also maximize network lifetime. Because of its less memory it is also low of cost in manufacturing.

ZigBee Coordinator: It is a much needed device that connects network by connecting all of its origin points. Only one ZigBee network is present in a cluster of network. It is that network with ZigBee coordinator that starts up. All data regarding network including the security functionality should be stored in it.


Layer Architecture in Zigbee Projects:

Physical Layer: This physical layer performs high level of integration with just enough of cost functionality. It makes use of direct sequence which leads to analog circuitry in an easy manner.

MAC Layer: It is expanded as media access control layer. Multiple topologies with reduced complexity are processed by this layer. It can make use of RFD (Reduce Functionality Device) to perform large memory without any RAM or ROM. It doesn’t need any requirement to make use of large number of devices.

Network Layer: High power transmitters and wide range of nodes with low latency can be operated through network layer.

Hardware Interfaces with ZigBee Projects:

Micro controller and wireless receiver are two basic hardware devices that  is preset in each ZigBee node. A single chip is enough to incorporate ZigBee memory, microcontroller and radio frequency.

Zigbee based Projects Ideas:

Engineering students can do their final year as well as mini projects on ZigBee technologies. Our projects on ZigBee communication are benefited for safety monitoring and coal mine monitoring using GSM communication. Various monitoring ZigBee based projects such as relay monitoring, greenhouse monitoring and network monitoring and power monitoring are also offered by us.

Features of ZigBee Technology:
  • Maximum data rate in ZigBee is250 bytes.
  • It can support range up to 50 m.
  • Low power consumption with highest battery life.
  • Address space up to 64 bit.
  • Topologies like star, peer to peer and Mesh can be designed in ZigBee communication.
  • ZigBee can support higher frequency band from 2.4 GHz.
  • High throughput and low latency.
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Zigbee Based Projects
Applications of ZigBee Projects:
  • Home awareness applications such as power sensors, smoke and fire detectors and water level sensors.
  • Device control mechanism in industrial plant process control, asset management.
  • Home entertainment and control of smart lighting, temperature control, safety and security.
  • Mobile monitoring, mobile health care, mobile security, mobile payment and other mobile services.
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