Qualnet Simulator Projects.

Qualnet simulator are used in producing simulator on wired network, cellular network, mobile adhoc network and satellite network.Qualnet is an imitation of real communication network. There are many promising areas for researchers using Qualnet. Creating animated network models, providing comprehensive protocols and estimation of basic behavior of network can be done utilizing Qualnet simulator Projects. Wireless mixed or wired network can be simulated in Qualnet projects.QualNet is a state-of-the-art simulator for large, heterogeneous networks and the distributed applications that execute on those networks.Protocols used in Qualnet projects is RIPv2, OSPFv2, BELLMANFORD, OLSR, AODV, LAR1, DSR, STATIC ROUTING, CSMA, TDMA, MACA, MAC802.11, MAC802.3/SWITCHED-ETHERNET, SATCOM etc.

Model channels in Qualnet Projects.

Shadowing Model: Free spaced model with standard deviation is combined in this model. Standard deviation is found through PROPAGATION-FADING-MODEL.

Statistical Propagation Model: PROPAGATION-CHANNEL-FREQUENCY parameter is used to identify simulated channel. Hertz is the unit of frequency. Instance Id will be given differently for each user.

Fading Model: Rican and Rayleigh distributions are used to implement fading model. Distribution is calculated by PROPAGATION-FADING-MODEL parameter.

Path loss model: Based on monitoring node coordination and tunable parameter signal,attenuation can be computed through this model.


Every channel in QUALNET is orthogonal. Frequency range for each channel is given by users.

Library Model in Qualnet Projects:

Cellular Library: GSM network are modeled using this.

Wired Network Library: BGP, IGRP, HSRP, LAN, OSPF, EIGRP and router configuration is modeled using this library.

Wireless Library: QUALNET developer, 802.11a, 802.11b, Exata, AODV, LASR1, ODMRP, STAR, OLSR, ZRP, MACA, CSMA, FSR and DSR directional antenna is included in this library.

Military Radio Library: Link-11, link-16, JTRS are modeled based on this library.

Multimedia and Enterprise Library: It contains SCFQ, WRED, WFQ, R10, WRR, RSVP-TE, QOSPF, CBQ, RED and diffuser. It models queuing scheduling, VIOP and QOS.

Developer Library: Networks like LAN, IPV6, WAN and satellite networks are modeled by this library.

Propagation Library: ALE/ASAPS, TIREM, URBAN. Terrain propagation effects, urban path loss effects, high frequency radio and MAC address and their effects are modeled by this library.

Characteristic of QUALNET:

Qualnet Projects provides many benefits with its unique characteristics,such as

Model Fidelity: It makes use of high level protocol model for wireless and real world network.

Speed: It aids network developer and model designer by adopting real world network speed.

Extensibility: It is used to connect software and hardware application. It also supports real networks.

Scalability: Tons of nodes that are parallel to hardware techniques are found. It is capable in running on multicore, cluster and multi processor system.

Portability: It has an array of models. It supports any type of platforms.

Network analysis supported by Qualnet Projects.

Qualnet tool supports the following networks and analysis:

Cellular Network. 85
Satellite Network. 90
Wireless Network. 93
Qos Network. 97
Manet Network. 100
Component involved in Qualnet Projects.
  • QualNet Scenario Designer.
  • QualNet Animator.
  • QualNet 3D Visualizer.
  • QualNet Analyzer.
  • QualNet Packet Tracer.

Advantages of Qualnet Projects.

  • Support multiprocessor system and distributed computing.
  • Easy to use and clear UI.
  • Extensive possibilities for analyzing scenario.
  • Wide range of applications.
  • Shipped with a lot helpful documentation and tons of example scenarios.
  • Sophisticated animation capabilities.
Total completed Qualnet Projects
2014-15.Qualnet Projects
2015-16.Ongoing Qualnet Projects
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