ARM Projects for Engineering Students.

ARM expanded as advanced risk machines is a processor that is part of CPU based RISC architecture. RISC processors can perform with high speed but only limited number of computer instructions. Final year ECE students can do project on ARM. These projects additionally require GSM, GPRS, and GPS- ARM7 and ARM9 processor based projects are offered by us. ARM processor with the help of GPS can create projects on LCD’s smart graphics, vehicle tracking, hospital enquiry system and smart card based bank security. We offer ARM projects after a deep an profound analysis of it.

Operating modes in ARM Processor Projects.

There are seven operating modes in which one mode is unprivileged while the other six are privileged in ARM Processor Projects.

Unprivileged mode:

  • User mode- it runs most applications.

 Privileged mode:

  • Fast interrupt request mode.
  • Supervisor mode.
  • Undefined mode.
  • Abort mode.
  • Interrupt request mode.
  • System mode.

Latest Project Ideas for ARM Based Projects.

Robotics projects are part of ARM based projects. Many efficient robotics based applications can be created through these projects. Other than this face recognition system, smart card security and vehicle tracking system are also ARM based projects.

Pipeline mechanism in ARM:

Execution speed of a processor is maximized through pipeline mechanism. Every family’s pipeline differs in design. It is RISC processors standard feature. It is also an assembly line with instruction set to be executed.

Instruction sets in ARM Processor Projects:

There are three types of instruction in ARM Processor Projects  as follows:

Thumb instruction set: It contains 16 bit instruction that supports load and store architecture with unconditional execution.

Jazelle instruction set: It contains 8 bit instructions that are used for java byte code execution.

ARM instruction set: It contains 32 bit instructions. Through 3 addresses format List of Instruction Set are conditionally executed.

Features of ARM Processor:
  • Programmable like big endian or little endian data alignment in memory.
  • Faster and it code length can be reduced.
  • With 32 bit architecture it also supports 8 bit and 16 bit data types.
  • Supports complex addressing mode with basic instruction set.
  • Has the advantage of using complex instruction set computer (CISC).
  • Enables a smaller die size for the integrated circuitry.
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Applications of ARM processor Projects:
  • Smart sensors.
  • Digital television network.
  • Home gateways.
  • Automotive body electronics and airbags.
  • Smart phone.
  • Networking and servers.
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