Cloud Computing Projects for engineering students.

Cloud computing Projects provides expandable infrastructure for file storage and data storage application.Cloud computing projects implement innovative technology for content storage and designing application storage which is its main aim. It is a group of large computer systems that are linked up with public and private networks. Cloud computing Projects are done in recent days by IT students and computer science students as it supports security, interoperability and scalability service for data storage application. Cloud computing projects use practical approach and potential benefit of real world data center building for different types of environments.

Projects on cloud Computing

Projects on cloud computing support different cloud servers for purpose of data sharing. Delivering or sharing computing resources by means of internet is cloud computing. Computer science and information technology carries out projects on cloud computing. Projects on cloud computing is conducted for security risks in cloud computing environment.Projects on cloud computing possess major benefits such as

Broad network access. 85
Measured service. 90
On Demand Self Service 95
Resource Pooling. 100

Service models in Cloud computing Projects

Three varieties of service models are provided in cloud computing.

Platform as a Service:

  • Useful for software programmer and network designer.
  • Multiple layers of software programs are contained.
  • Freedom is allowed for a customer to layout his own application.
  • Allows combination of OS application such as apache, MYSQL, Linux, .Net and PHP.
  • Google’s APP engine, force are some of pass providers.

Software as a service:

  • A complete application related service to customer is provided.
  • There is no need for server operating system installation.
  • Software service providers are Zoho, sales force, Google, Microsoft etc.

Infrastructure as a service:

  • Computing and storage capabilities services over network are provided.
  • Some example of Iass Go Grid, Amazon, 3tera.

Distribution models in Cloud computing Projects

Three varieties of deployment models are provided in cloud computing projects.

Private cloud:

By individual enterprise private cloud are managed. Private cloud main goal is to achieve high level of security by accessing control of organizational data. The two variations in private cloud.

  • Externally hosted private cloud.
  • On-premise private cloud.

Public Control:

By third party customers public clouds are operated. Infrastructure cost to mix of users can spread in public control. Same level of resources with specified configuration is used by all users. Cloud providers manage these types of clouds.

Hybrid cloud:

Public and private cloud models are combines for cloud resource utilization in productive manner. From third party cloud provider hybrid model cloud providers borrow computing resources to increase flexibility of computing.

Challenges faced in cloud computing projects

Service standard is not possessed in cloud. To tolerate standard issue open grid standard is developed.
Cloud environment is not static are user’s requirement change frequently. So continuously changes occur.
Storing of data and resource could be shared in cloud computing. Cloud service provider is used to monitor working process. Attackers in network could hack the data, so security must be provided. Working function of cloud service is degraded by security & privacy issue.
Transferring cost of data from public to community cloud is high.
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