Opnet simulator Projects.

Opnet Projects provides efficient result quickly for various applications. Opnet projects is used to simulate communication networks. Opnet is a leading simulator in industry. Opnet simulator is developed by Opnet technologies. It provides flexibility to set parameters from physical layer to application layer. The programming language in Opnet is C and recent development with C++. Simulation is written in C++ or C code. It works for many networks but its specialty lies in military networks. Research scholars gain the basic and useful knowledge on network by doing  Opnet projects. Opnet tools are expensive; but for the purpose of education they are available in free license.

Anatomy of Opnet Projects.

Optimum network performance is abbreviated as OPNET. It is an interface tool built on C and C++ source code.

OPNET- Modeling: Network, node and process domain are three domains of OPNET structure.

Network domain: Network models and their sub networks, protocols, geographical location, topologies and mobility of network are present in this domain.

Node domain: This domain looks after routers, work station, switches, destination node, mobile devices and source.

Process Domain: It writes source code and modules.


Tools used in Opnet Projects.

Simulation tool editor:Runtime of character are controlled by it. Also specifies additional simulation performance.

Node model editor: Modules, nodes and network objects behavior is defined by node model editor.

Link model Editor:New link projects that define different attributes and representation can be formed through this model.

Path model: A traffic free route from source to destination can be built using this editor.

Packet format editor: Internal packet structure is defined by this. It has multiple fields.

Probe editor: Statistic like global, node, link, attribute can be collected by this editor. These statics are collected during their simulations run time.

Interface control Information editor: Inter process communication can be formalized using this editor.

Antenna Pattern Editor: Gain properties of antenna which locates node can be defined by this editor.

Analysis configuration tool: Scalar graphs and templates are defined through this tool.

Network Mode editor: This mode defines network types like LAN, MAN, WAN, Mobile and wireless or wire.

OPNET Architecture:

Opnet Architecture provide support for Evaluating, Simulating, Modelling.The following steps are contained in Opnet architecture:

  • New event reaches head kernel, delivers interrupted to the desired module.
  • Gain and control process is carried- they perform interrupt process.
  • Simulation regains control after process.
  • After completion kernel deletes the event and new kernel is processed.


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Opnet Purpose

  • Management and development of protocols in network.
  • Satellite communication technique as routing protocol.
  • Routing algorithm for router is evaluated.

Pack level is the base for the simulation operation done by this operation tool. Its original purpose was to fix network simulation. Lately it is also used to fix wireless network simulation. It also acts as a tool for network analysis and develop network.

Opnet Characteristics:
  • Lot of component library with code.
  • Provides support for scalable wireless simulations.
  • It provides hierarchical model.
  • Provide 32 and 64 bit simulation kernel.
  • Various simulation as discrete event, analytical and hybrid are provided.

A powerful discrete event simulation tool is OPNET. OPNET projects are supported by our concern to academic students, research scholars and to provide institutions as it provides quick and efficient results.

Benefits of OPNET Projects:
  • End user monitoring services.
  • Network Performance management.
  • Transaction tracking.
  • Network modeling simulation.
  • Packet capture and analysis.
  • Traffic monitoring and analysis.
  • Easily compact network are simulated and by special functions optimization are provided.
  • From various stations, statistics can be recollected.
  • To assign random destination and controlling special routines are used.
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