Introduction to Network Simulator (NS2).

Network simulator contains a lot of open source simulator under different environment condition to certain operation. Network simulator is a open source software. Development of new protocols and algorithms is required to meet the growth in internet and face challenges or terms like network quality, security, transport, unicast and multicast. Network simulator Projects contains variety of internet protocols. Using simulation design of small protocols can be started by protocol design. By using various network simulators, we can compare different protocols and performance. Network simulator projects consists of virtual internetwork testbed.

Protocols interacted with Network Simulator Projects.

Network simulation can be used to enable multicast transport in networking model. Reliable and scalable multicast service for different network environment is provided in network simulation.Multicast protocols testing and congestion control, validation is available in simulation tool. They are also designed to support in network optimal data forwarding.

TCP behavior: Transmission control Protocol attitude is analyzed by network simulation tool. Explicit, selective acknowledgement, congestion notification, forward acknowledgement and asymmetric link are analyzed.

Multimedia Protocol support: To check audio, video and video quality network simulation is used in various topologies. For video and audio file sharing it provide support from one source to multiple or single destinations.

Router Queuing Method: Queuing process is done by using class based queuing, Random Early Detection (RED) and explicit congestion notification.

Network Simulator Tools:

Network simulator tools available are as follows. Ns2, Ns3, Omnet++, Opnet, Qualnet, Jsim, Netsim.

For simulating different types of network, NS 2 plays a fundamental role. To design new wired and wireless network NS2 is very helpful tool. The working screen of packet transmission and reception from source to destination is provided by NS2.

Ns2 Projects

NS3 is used for research and development process, it is an open source software. NS3 programming language use core model of C++.By using Python core model NS3 modules can be imported. In our firm we carry out network simulator projects that are done through NS3 simulator.

NS3 Projects

OPNET support wireless and wired network simulation condition. OPNET are represented by set simulation scenarios. Data collection method and graphical tools are present in Opnet environment communication among various network simulators are provided in OPNET.

Opnet Projects

Omnet++ is flexible than other simulation tools, it is an open source component based discrete event simulation tool. Simulation of communication networks is the basic application of Omnet++. A Linux platform runs Omnet++, it compose of kernel command line interface, graphical network editor and documentation.

Omnet++ Projects

Qualnet is based on C++ working model and is a parallel discrete event scheduler. Qualnet provides probability and scalability to run thousands of nodes at a time. Using various protocols Qualnet can support libraries and models to enable design networks. Large wireless networks and new protocols can be designed by Qualnet.

Qualnet Projects
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Advantages of Network simulator:
  • Simulation support implement of large scale protocol interaction in controlled environment.
  • Simulator rich opportunity for simple and complex experimentation is provided.
  • Easier comparison results for research effort are provided in AI Simulator.
  • Simulation provides easy method to analyze and understand the characteristics of newly designed method.
  • The variation and behavior of existing protocols is improved.
How to improve network simulator speed?

Simulation of networks is very difficult task.If there is a high congestion in network, estimating average frequency becomes difficult job due to high variance. To calculate total time required for estimation would be very high.

Through control variates and importance Sampling, speed of the network simulator can be much improved.