GPS Projects for Students.

GPS projects are capable of producing innovative applications like location management, tracking & vehicle tracking system projects. By installing GPS in mobile phones it is easy to track and locate destination. WI-FI Smartphone and GPS receiver can be used in developing GP sense car, which benefits by avoiding road vehicle collision. All GPS based projects fall under location functioning. GPS is expanded as global positioning system, which is used to locate locations on earth using satellites electronics and communication engineering (ECE) students can do their projects on GPS. Personal location tracker is the future aim of GPS based projects. 3D printing system in medical field and robot control mechanism also need GPS model. We offer such innovative and intelligent GPS projects with high standard material and full staff support for GPS Projects for students.

GPS Segments:

GPS Projects can be categorized into following segments.

Control segment: Orbital with time information is provided by control segment through tracking satellites. It has one master control station and four unmanned control stations. It receives data from satellites and sends back that data to master control station.

User segment: GP receives and its users are part of this segment. No limitations for users in this segment.

Space segment: 24 satellites circle around the earth above 12000 miles of attitude. Due to the high attitude a great amount of area is covered in space segment. Low radio signals are transmitted in different code and frequencies.


Hardware Interfacing in GPS Projects.

Antenna: Active or passive antenna operates the GPS module. The model is processed by HF signal line. Combined antennas are provided for navigational purpose. These antennas receive eight handed circular polarized waves. Helix and patch are the two types of antenna.

Power supply: External source voltage supplies power for GPS modules. 3.3 to 6 volts of voltage is extracted by GPS module. Every applications power usage is different.

Time pulse: Time pulses are generated every second by most GPS modules. These generated time pulses are to be synchronized with UTC. This GPS module UTC is utilized by practical time scale.

HF filters: 2MHZ of GPS signal bandwidth is generated in order to eliminate signal interferences. It contains mixed GPS signal and local oscillator frequency.

IF filter: Through 2MHZ bandwidth intermediate frequency is filtered out. It mixing stage certain image frequencies arouse. They are suppressed in permissible level.

Signal processor: Both signal processor and HF stage should be switched on simultaneously to synchronize GPS signal module.


Keyboard: Inputs are given by users via keyboard. Various parameters are accessed by these keyboards.

Display: Routers and position can be displayed and saved in the GPs system. Routing and map are displayed by T-segment display.

Want to Implement GPS Projects?
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GPS Projects for Engineering students.
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Applications of GPS:

  • Location tracking.
  • Location mapping.
  • Navigation system.
  • Space shuttle can navigate by itself using GPS.
  • Earthquake early warning system uses GPS.
  • Airplane landing function can be performed by GPS.
  • Animal species tracking system can be implemented by GPS.
Features of GPS:
  • Degree of automation system.
  • Integration with social networks.
  • Supports more hardware devices.
  • Smart destination search.
  • Intelligent routing and rerouting.
  • Connection with web/cloud.
Benefits of GPS system:
  • Directions.
  • Avoids traffic.
  • Significance.
  • Safety.

Our Project Team will help to create GPS based Vehicle Tracking system.

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