Network is the connection of multiple systems together. Devices which are part of connection are called as node. It is a flexible area for student to base their projects on students of information technology, computer science, telecommunication, electronics and communication can focus their project on networking. Models of communication like MANET, VANET, Peer to peer and wireless sensor network are some of the different technologies that are involved in networking.

Types of Network:

  • Client server network.
  • Peer to peer network.

Client server network:

It is used for large area network communication. Any server or computer can be given centralized control which enables to store and share files. This server performs higher than averages computer. Clients can directly communicate to server files.

Peer to Peer Network:

It is widely used network as no security is required. Message flooding is the communication happening between computers in this network. It is easy to share files to other devices using this network.


Networking is when more than one computer is interlinked with each other in order to share resources, communication and files. They are connected with each other via radio waves, infrared beans and cables. Web connections are major part on networking projects. So web services become an advanced area in the field of networking. It describes the protocols involved in getting information via web.


Networking is creating a web connection among computers and components of network. Analysis of network performance, internal applications and simulation network modeling can be done as projects by final year students. Technology, routing and protocols of network serve as a tool for analyzing network. Transferring of data, multimedia and entertainment projects are offered in the area of internet application. New tools for network simulation can be developed.