Multimedia Projects for Students.

Integrating of media objects as graphics, text, video, sound and animation to convey and represent ideas that carry meaning from educational experience or material is multimedia projects. Multimedia projects aims to improve in citizen’s life style quality, safety, edutainment and working conditions. Multimedia has been applied in the fields of electronic publishing, museums, navigation and information system, distance learning, remote auctions, conferencing applications, virtual reality, remote task agents, remote robotic agents, electronic magazine, video conference, digital television and entertainment etc. Multimedia is combined with the image processing technologies to retrieve content based multimedia image retrieval concepts. Multimedia projects are carried out by information technology and computer science students and research scholars.

5 Elements of Multimedia projects

In general, there are five elements present in every multimedia projects.

• Audio come in speech from in multimedia sound effects and also music score.
• By vibration it is produced as perceived by hearing sense.
• In contents, menu, navigational buttons it is used.
• Basic element of multimedia is text.
• It is a broad term that consists of words for expressing.
• Convey intended message to users.
• What particular information is all about is shown clearly.
• Two dimensional illustration or figures.
• Manually it could be produced or computer graphics technology.
• Consecutive display of images of static elements is created by illusion of motion.
• Animation is used to further enrich /enhance experience of user to under the ideas conveyed to them in multimedia.
• Lot of storage space is taken in video.
• When compared to animation video is live recording/ photo realistic image sequence.
• It is the technology of processing, capturing, recording, reconstructing and transmitting movie pictures.
Tools used to create Multimedia Projects

By using variety of methods, communication could be carried out by following advanced technologies.
Multimedia project could be built on the basic tool set they are of 5 categories:
• Animation video.
• Painting & drawing tools.
• 3D modeling and animation tools.
• Image editing tools.
• Digital movie tools.
• Video Editor.
• 3-D Image and Video Editor.
Multimedia software.

Multimedia development models

• Summative evaluation of process and product are performed.
• Instructional objectives, goals and audience are defined.
• Complete the design.
• Investigate and review existing options.
• Formulative evaluations are performed.
• Timeline, format and budget are determined.
• Prototypes are developed.
• Activities, content and assessment strategies are determined.
• Sitemap, story board and flow chart are developed.

Benefits of using Multimedia
  • User enjoyment is enhanced.
  • Guies life to flat information.
  • Provides an excellent way to convey content.
  •  Enables users to control web experience.
  • Address multiple learning styles.
  • Multiple senses are activated by creating rich experience.
  • Improve retention.
  • Build content in efficient manner.
  • Provides Inter activity.
  • Creates greater customer relationship.
Applications of Multimedia
  • Multimedia kiosk.
  • Video games.
  • Multimedia presentation.
  • Animated advertisements.
  • Provides special effects in movies.
  • Multimedia conferencing.
  • Creative agencies.
  • Media,Journals.
  • Entertainment Industry.
  • Digital Story Telling.
  • Virtual Surgery.
  • Scientific Research centers.
  • Digital Education Industry.
  • Software Services.
Importance of Multimedia:

Multimedia projects helps to improve lifestyle significantly.Some notable areas of enriching content using multimedia projects are

• Games.
• Movies.
• Online.
• Television.
• SMS service.
• Satellite TV.
• Company kiosk.
• Sales production.
• Trade show production.
• Marketing production.
• Smart cards.
• Information kiosk.
• Security.
• Information searching.
• E-learning.
• Distance learning.
Total completed Multimedia Projects
2014-15.Completed Multimedia Projects
2015-16.Ongoing Multimedia Projects
They implement projects with an efficient methods, algorithm and techniques. I had a great time to work under your team.
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