ME Projects for Research Scholars.

Master of engineering can be done on most engineering studies such as information technology, computer science, electrical and electronics and electronics and communication. Projects in ME can be based on various areas and enhance that particular area. Duration for ME projects is basically one year. But this duration can be altered only by the university. Simulation and hardware projects can be done in various categories. These projects should be focused as a research work. As this project can be further taken up and developed as PhD thesis various software tools can be used in order to attain perfect results.

ME projects process:

Steps for ME projects process are concept selection, literature survey, code development and analysis of frame work.

Concept selection: It is the initial step in ME project. The topic concept can be picked out from various domains. These concepts are chosen by us with IEEE standard. Only guide can finalize the concept.

Literature survey: It is a prominent step in me project. In order to propose the title concept student must analyze and find out the setbacks in various concepts from previous set of papers. This selected concept is then analyzed and approved by our guide.

Code development: The introduced concept should be supported with any language by code development process. To attain results tools and languages are selected by this process.

Analysis of future work: It is a time consuming process as something new should be introduced obtained and frames project should be compared with already done projects.

ME Projects

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ME Projects Domain.

Areas in which ME projects are developed is Technology and communication, Analysis process, Computing and Data Mining.

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Computing Projects

Solutions for various unknown problems can be figured out by these projects in order to obtain execution time, bandwidth utilization ratio and CPU utilization projects based on simulation manner such as grid computing and cloud computing should be done. It also includes process such as computing, resource allocation and scheduling.

Mining Projects

Information can be obtained from a vast storage in a simple way through these mining projects. Dot net, android and java are the languages that are needed for implementing data mining concepts. Tools such as RTool, Weka tool and word net tool can impose complicated concepts. Audio mining, web mining and text mining are the type of mining process.

Communication based projects

It is a hot topic among ME students. In the category of technology various improvements can be made possible. Such improvements are WI-MAX, Bluetooth, GSM, GPS, WLAN and UMTS.
Projects on secure transmission, reception and wireless communication are communication related topic simulation tools such as OMNET++, Opnet, NS2, NS3, Peersim and QualNet are widely used in communication projects students have free access for these projects via internet.

Analysis Processing

Image processing, digital signal processing, geo science, remote sensing, pattern analysis, biomedical engineering and medical imaging are some of the process involve in analysis. To develop these projects certain aid from simulation tool is needed like scilab, openCV, and matlab.