LabVIEW Projects for Students.

LabVIEW is a graphical programming that creates a development environment. It needs functions, terminology and icons for its performance. Engineering students can form various application based projects through LabVIEW programming. Due to the multimedia tools present in LabVIEW many innovative and interactive projects can be framed for students. Because of the flexible modular environment LabVIEW Projects helps programmers to create their own virtual instrument. It also allows minimizing production time and creating templates for specific applications. We offer projects on LabVIEW that works in controlling today’s environment crisis called pollution. By using LabVIEW pollution monitoring system can be created. We also offer machine control monitoring and Smartphone based portable measurement projects on LabVIEW. LabVIEW Projects PDF.

Features of LabVIEW Projects:

  • Compatibility with existing code that allows incorporating previous applications that can update previous versions of software.
  • Advanced debugging feature is present to optimize product design and LabVIEW defect detection.
  • Graphical user interface enables user to look effective results.
  • Multi platform enables designers to work on separate parts and compile them using single platform.
  • Compatibility with hardware, LabVIEW allows gathering data from different hardware interface.
  • Designer can build libraries of low level routines to link them in higher level systems.
  • End product performance can be ensuring in LabVIEW methodology.

Tools used in LabVIEW Projects:

Extra tools are required by LabVIEW in order to form a products complete framework. Advanced math problems are rectified by GMath toolkit that has G source code’s numerical recipes.Virtual instruments are present in the internet developer’s toolkit library collection.

LabVIEW’s fuzzy control is framed by fuzzy control design software.Graphical user interface model is created by means of picture control toolkit.LabVIEW RT or lab windows/CVI software is used for the creation of real time based applications.

Interface bus:

It has a general purpose bus model. HP-IB is the standard bus used in LabVIEW in-order to control electronic instruments. This bus is otherwise known as IEEE 488 bus. Interface for all type of hardware devices are provided by it.

Types of Graphs in LabVIEW Projects:

XY graphs– data attained from non constant rate and data of multi value functions is presented through this XY graphs.

Digital graphs– data’s are displayed in the format of pulses or groups of digital lines.

Windows graphs– 3D data on a 3D plot in an active object on front panel is displayed through 3D graph or windows graph.

Waveform graphs– data is displayed typically acquired at a constant rate.

Intensity graphs– it displays 3D data on a 2D plot by using color to display the values of third dimension.

Types of Charts in LabVIEW Projects.

Scope chart– pulse, scrolling partway across chart from left to right are selected and displayed in the scope chart.

Sweep chart– it is quiet similar to the scope chart. Its additional feature is that it shows both old data and new data.

Strip chart– running data is continuously displayed through scrolling in strip chart.

Data flow in LabVIEW Projects:

Executable nodes that are executed only after attaining all the needed data these nodes are present in LABVIEW programming system.

Output data’s are executed automatically at the time of execution. It is a data flow model.

Channels used in LABVIEW:
  • Virtual channel– it is a collection of property settings containing input terminal connections scaling information and name.
  • Switch channel– any connection point of a switch is represented through switch channel.
  • Physical channel– analog or digital signal are measured and generated through it.
Application of Labview Projects:
  • Nuclear Power Plant Monitoring.
  • Tracking Weapon Explosions.
  • Thermal Mapping of Integrated Circuits.
  • Automating Seeding Analysis.
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