RFID Projects for students.

Radio frequency identification(RFID) is a technology that helps in identifying various belongings like animals, humans, objects. Frequency of radio and choice varies according to the application support, it becomes a well organized product. Both ECE and EEE students can frame their projects in RFID. In our center we offer full support and provide all project related materials for RFID projects. Security related projects are also possible through RFID. These projects are beneficial for colleges, schools, homes and offices. Security related projects regarding school bus, student entry and leave identification can be done. We offer many innovative RFID projects that also benefits home applications. Download RFID Projects PDF Document.

RFID Project Ideas :

Projects on RFID provide enough knowledge about all RFID technology and its related applications. Authorized tag holder to enter into security area can be created using RFID technology. RFID tag and attendance recorder are some concepts of  RFID based projects.

Categories of RFID Tags: 

Passive Tags and Active Tags.

All active RFID tags are based on battery. It transmits signals through reader and then to long distances. It is high while consisting of storage capacity. On the other hand passive RFID tags attain power factor from its reader. Readers range and storage capacities are comparatively low in passive tag than that of active tags.


Memory Management In RFID Tags:

Read only and read write are the two operations of RFID memory chip. Static information are stored in the chip platforms read only memory. Any details in read only memory cannot be altered are meddled with otherwise where as read and write memory can be altered. It is more expensive compared to read only chips.

Components used in RFID Projects:

Functions and operations performed by RFID technology need RFID reader, tag and antenna. Every tag has unique ID meant for identification they also contain objects from corresponding applications. Tags can be read by the magnetic field in antennas. Antenna signals and tag information are read by reader. Reader is able to communicate with other infrastructure using communication infrastructure.

Frequencies Used In RFID Projects:

RFID technologies make use of four fundamental bands they are as follows:-

  • Low Frequency Band: it is usually needed to access control and asset tracking. Its frequency ranges from 134-125 KHz.
  • Mid frequency Band: read ranges and medium data rate are applied mid frequency band. 13.56 MHz is the frequency band range.
  • High Frequency Band: it is used within one neuter.  850 MHz to 950 MHz is the frequency range.
  • Ultra High Frequency Band: it gives high speed reading and long read ranges. It ranges from HF. i.e. 2.5 GHZ to 2.4 GHZ.
Applications of RFID Projects:
  • Security and Access Control.
  • Vehicle Access Method and Car Parking.
  • Payment System in Transportation.
  • Electronic Toll Collection.
  • Supply Chain Tracking System.
  • Attendance Management System.
  • Electronic Passport Applications.
  • Library Management System.
  • Scientific Research.
  • Research and Development.
  • Home appliances.
  • Hotel Management.
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Benefits of RFID Technology:
  • RFID supports read and write operations, with this information’s can be updated or corrected easily.
  • Human error can be decreased and low cost efficient.
  • RFID uses radio frequencies to collect information.
  • RFID systems provide efficiency and accuracy equal to barcode system.
  • Multiple RFID can be read at the same time.
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