B.TECH PROJECTS for Students

B.Tech students make use of open source tools and languages to create all software related programs and languages.We assist B Tech students in Implementing B Tech Projects with best support and 100% output.Create Innovative B Tech Projects with Expert Team.Bachelor of technology is an engineering undergraduate degree which lasts for four year span. Both hardware and software program creation are the main focus of these projects. Hardware is also used to create industrial projects. We offer B Tech projects on industrial domains such as industrial electronics and industrial information.


B.TECH a bit similar to B.E is also an undergraduate engineering degree. It also includes departments such as CSE, EEE, ECE and IT. IEEE papers prove as a role model for us while creating B.Tech projects. Students CSE has the library to pick their own domain for both IT and CSE innovative projects are given by us. Students of ECE can do projects on either hardware or software systems. Many simulation tools and kits are available for projects of electrical and electronics students. We offer implementation support for all of student’s innovative ideas.

Medical based projects:

Health care monitoring based projects can be done on biomedical engineering and brain computer interface. Students who want to do software based medical project can focus on MYPHR machine.

Networking projects:

Within the domain of networking, mobile Adhoc networking and vehicular Adhoc network projects are possible projects such as local area network, wide area network and personal area network are some of wired and wireless network based projects.

Software related programs:

Only IT and CS students do projects on software programs. To do software based project one needs a laptop, programmer software and project ides. Some of the software project areas are as follows:

  • Hadoop projects.
  • Dot net projects.
  • Tool projects.
  • Big data projects.
  • Java projects.
  • Android projects.

Hadoop projects:

It is needed for Map reduce framework. In order to store files in cloud the files should be split and saved in various servers. While extracting these files they are merged and processed as a single file download.

Dot net projects:

Image processing pattern recognition secure computing and software engineering are concepts that need dot net for implementation application also needs dot net project to be created. Other than this data mining and cloud computing also requires dot net language.

Tools projects:

Students who wish to do projects on mobile computing; wireless communication, networking digital image processing, medical imaging and remote sensing can do tools based projects. Simulation tools such as OMNET++, Opnet, NS2, NS3, Peersim and QualNet are needed for networking projects. In the case of security based projects various cryptic algorithms such as blowfish, ECC, DES and AES. All imaging related concepts need matlab simulation tool to implement other than this VLSI and labview are simulation tools are used by ECE student.

Big data projects:

These are needed for processing large applications of cloud basis. This big data projects are used in companies’ consumer product production, financial service organizations, insurance companies, hospital, government making projects in national level marketing and advertising areas and in certain web based business.

Java projects:

Projects on java are specifically created for certain domains such as pattern recognition, software engineering, security, fuzzy logic, grid computing, pervasive computing, information forensics, internet computing and multimedia many students are interested to do their projects on java.

Android projects:

All mobile based application is created through android projects. It mostly needs augmented reality concepts. It can also create various learning technologies such as learning syllabus and also some health care applications like lung breathing measurement and blind applications.