Scilab Projects for Research Scholars.

SCILAB projects cover an arena of algorithms and many other scientific computing. Its main task is system control and signal processing applications. Other than this it also has functions of non differentiable optimization, linear optimization and quadratic optimization. Scilab Thesis helps in the creation of image processing applications. Scripts and image processing are done by SCILAB. It has three important qualities such as libraries of functions, interpreter and libraries of for tan and C routines. Scilab is a scientific software package. It develops engineering as it is part of numerical computing tools. Scilab projects gives a fair open computing environment by which various scientific and engineering applications can be framed. Projects on Scilab are based on image processing techniques. It can be done in various ways such as providing feedback, reporting bugs and providing patches. Scilab Projects PDF.

Useful properties in scilab:

Scilab is a matrix oriented open programming environment which could allows users to create own functions and libraries.It can edit command line. This is done by scilab. Many control buttons are present in a scilab window. By using stop button continuous performance can be stopped and resumed. Using the restart button the whole operation can be done from the beging. Certain execution can be aborted with the help of abort button. Online help can be acquired by help control. More buttons can be added using add menu command.Main Components of Scilab:

Library Functions. 97
Interpreter. 99
Interfaces. 100
Scilab Functions.

Workloads such as package pieces are constructed as reusable components are minimized by SCILAB functions. Function of SCILAB can be saved with the .sci file extension. Command line can be opened only by a series of commands. It can also form negative yet reading image.Piece wise constant filters called stop band. Band pass, high pass and low pass are designed using SCILAB functions. It is used for equify by adding more length.

Scilab Graphic Library

3D plotting, 2D plotting, arc plotting, polygon plotting, arrow plotting, rectangle plotting and line plotting is possible with graphic library functions. Other functions of graphic library include coordinate transformations, graphic primitives, graphics context, interactive editor mouse position, save and load.Circuitous functions can be minimized using SCILAB user interface. It also has certain control over a computer.

Scilab Features.
  • Signal Processing.
  • Linear Algebra, Sparse Matrices.
  • Classic and Robust Method.
  • Interpolation and Approximation.
  • Differentiable and Nondifferentiable Optimization.
  • Linear, Quadratic and Nonlinear Optimization.
  • Ordinary Differential Equation Solver.
Scilab Toolbox.
  • Hidden markov models.
  • Polynomial toolbox.
  • Classical control.
  •  Parallel SCILAB using PVM.
  • Robust control and ARMA.
  • Interface with computer algebra.
  • Metanet has graphs and networks.
  • Simulation tools of ODE solver and DHE solver.
  • Large number of contributions for various domains.

Scilab SIP vs SIVP Functions.

SIP: Scilab image processing toolbox is used to perform operations such as edge detection, mathematical morphology, blurring, color image processing, filtering, histogram equalization and segmentation.

Functions of SIP: It has unified bindings OpenCV, leptonica and image magic are the libraries. Its chief ideal is to quickly prototype image solutions. It also makes the usage easy and increases the speed of functions.

SIVP: It is expanded as scilab image and video processing toolbox. It does video and image processing actions.

Filters used in Scilab Projects: First order filters and second order filters are used in scilab projects. An analog filter performs various SCILAB tasks. It also contains prototypes such as chebyshev, Butterworth, inverse cheby shev and elliptic/ Chaucer.

Advantages of Scilab projects:

  • Flexibly handling more strings of data type.
  • Have a great online help GUI.
  • Scilab identical for most operations and it has end of sequence symbol.
  • Scilab have constants of Booleans, machine precision and symbolic polynomial constants.
  • Need less disk space.
  • Easy to transform from one step to another.
  • Simpler data plotting.
Applications of Scilab Projects.
  • Arcelormittal.
  • Dassault aviation.
  • Cospas-sarsat.
  • Astrium.
  • SDI.

Scilab Projects supports following methods.

  1. Sparse Matrices.
  2. Gaussian and gauss Jordan elimination.
  3. Eigenvalues and Eigen Vector.
Scilab Projects Implementation.

Data mining concept of information retrieval and image enhancement methods are also designed and implemented in Scilab Projects. Tongue is an important organ in the human body. Tongue analysis is also called as an important disease identification factor. To identify a Non proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy (NPDR) patients and healthy people we have to use feature based analysis process.  Color, Texture and geometric features are extracted from tongue images and processed values can be used for identification process. Several security and disease identification related projects are implemented using Scilab projects.

Implementation Process:

  • Differential and nondifferential optimization.
  • Polynomial functions.
  • Signal processing.
  • Linear matrix inequality optimization.
  • Classic and robust control.
Total completed Scilab Projects
2014-15.Completed Scilab Projects
2015-16.Ongoing Scilab Projects
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