Mini Projects for ECE.

Electronics and communication engineering is the most popular and demanded branch of study in engineering. Micro controller, VLSI, embedded domains and robotics form the basis for any ECE mini projects. Every student should pick a certain domain to do their mini projects. On improvising parameters more accurate results can be obtained. These projects give a basic notion about communication networking application, digital signal processing methods and electronic components. ECE third year students need to do mini projects to get their college and a company’s approval. These approved certificates enhance their job profile. There are many categories of topics to gain information for ECE mini projects.

Ece Mini Projects Ideas.

Some ideas for ECE mini projects are as follows:

R-toll gate payment system: Doing project on this result in automated toll fee collection electronic system, It can be located in any toll gates in bridges tunnel and roads, This project places a single computer which attains money from the user through banking cards It helps in minimizing the toll gate traffic.

Automatic water supply for gardening: Agricultural lands and plants can be watered automatically without any human hand. It requires microcontroller processor to mechanically provide water. It controls the watering system by turning it on or off.

Design for laser television system: In order to design a laser for music system, various photocells, micro controller, infrared sensors and lasers are used. It also can sense hand movements and lets the TV to be controlled by these hand gestures. It does not require any remote controller.

ECE Mini Projects for Engineering students

Save electric power from highlight: 

These projects help in reducing electric bills by saving electricity. It helps in staying clear of any flip flops in switches. These projects can also control street lights and apartment system. It needs register which depends on light that registers the reflection of light. To switch on or off any electric appliances micro controller is required. It also saves energy by its control over highlights and its LDR output.

Home security system with GSM applications: 

It helps in safeguarding house or any important documents or properties from fire, gas leakage, thieves or any sort of household accidents. To guard this with embedded applications 8051 microcontroller is needed. To verify the authenticity of an user. Mobile number is needed to decode SMS. This can be done by protocol command line. It is also helps in linking home security device with GSM mobile service.

ECG monitoring System: 

It mostly helps medical services. ECG can be linked with tele monitoring system. It leads to successful pin point analysis of ECG signal in a short span of time. These signal can either be transmitted through wire or wireless medium through many softwares ECG signals can be distributed with server system monitor projects on ECG signal monitoring lets various application read these signals.

Ece Mini Projects

Application Area of ECE mini Projects.

Listed some domain area in which ECE mini Projects can be implemented to improve current structure. Watch out this space regularly to find various thought process ideas to implement ECE mini Projects.

  • Music service.
  • Solar panels.
  • Digital service on television.
  • Paging services.
  • Internet radio and video.
  • Technological advancement for handicapped peoples.
  • Radio astronomy.
  • Smart home intelligent applications.

Microwave applications, allocation process public safety dispatch, radio communication system and microwave application will help the future of electronics and it is a promising endeavor for mini projects provided by us.