Introduction to Matlab.

What is Matlab? Matlab is tool very essential software as it simplifies various creations with its specialized toolboxes. Main applications that benefit by Matlab are micro controller process and optical character recognition. Optical character recognition software allows to divide alphanumeric letters by this each and every scene of an image is identified.  Departments of engineering like information technology, electrical and electronics engineering, computer science and electronics and communication can do projects on Matlab. Matlab Projects offered in our concern focuses on using Matlab to improve power system, simulation, Communication, Image Processing.DIP Projects in Matlab.Fuzzy Logic Matlab Projects.

Matlab Functions:

Matlab functions are normal, predefined and user defined. Names are created and right numbers and kinds of argument is determined through pre defined functions. Matlab m-files helps in the definition of user defined functions. M-files are text files that are stored in working directory. These functions are further divided as line and inline functions.

Line functions: It helps finding out assignment variables. It makes use of both argument and function name. Comment lines help in describing each function on m-file.

In-line functions: User defined functions are used in m-file. It offers only one output without any consonant. It also represents only one function.

Writing and calling functions of Matlab: With the help of command line interaction is possible in matlab. A written program is stored as an m-file in the directory.


Writing and running m-files: Writing and running m-files is similar to that of writing c and calling functions. The directory has file suffix in which text files and matlab program files are listed.

Matlab covers the areas such as image processing, medical imaging,wireless communication, geosciences,computer vision applications, and remote sensing.

Matlab Tool plays a vital role in implementing Image Processing Projects.Signal processing concepts are also utilized in implementing Matlab Image Processing Projects.

Matlab simulation projects supports Technical computing.Simulation plays a key role in research and development.simulation carried using various key algorithm for Matlab Simulation Projects.

Matlab Tool is essential to layout the physical structure of communication links plus information and details related to Matlab based Communication Projects.

Matlab Thesis is based on work towards enhancement and improvement of logic in various domains and subdomains.We Assist Matlab Thesis Topics to Research Scholars.

Matlab ToolBox:

Many image processing operations are done with Matlab toolbox. It also enhances the matlab capability. Operations that are performed using matlab toolbox are listed below.

  • Geometric operations.
  • Image analysis and enhancement.
  • Transforms.
  • Linear filtering and filter design.
  • Neighborhood and block operations.
  • Binary image operations.
  • Region of interest operations.

Three are two types of toolbox namely statistical toolbox and optimization toolbox. Toolbox contains m-files. Some of those m-files are specifically designed for certain applications.

Matlab Statistical toolbox:

 Statistical toolbox is formed by version 5.3 of matlab. It is further updated by new versions.

Matlab Optimization toolbox: Objective functions can be identified by optimization toolbox. It is the subject of constraints

MATLAB Functionalities:

Creating a row vector, a matrix and a column vector is the basic function of matlab with the help of this vector is processed to matrix indexing. In the process of indexing an element from matrix is indexed to an element from vector.

Operators used in MATLAB:

Arithmetic: Addition, subtraction, power, rounding, division, multiplication.

Logical Operations: True or false (Boolean) conditions.

Relational Operations: Value comparisons.

Set Operations Unions, set membership, intersection.

Bit-Wise Operations: Set, Compare specific bit fields or shift.

Distinctive features of Matlab:
  • It widely differs from modern programming languages and problem solving environment.
  • Functions with variable arguments lists.
  • Automatic storage allocation and complex arrays and arithmetic.
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