Digital Image Processing Projects.

Digital Image Processing involves analysis and interpretation of an image. Digital image processing projects is a processing of scene data to be automatically processed by machine.  It is a prominent and promising part of computer history. It makes use of the simulation tool MATLAB. Process such as manipulation, identification, recognition, segmentation, enhancement and classification are done using digital images. Every image is unique in its own way regarding size, shape and dimensions. Matrices and filters are needed for transformation. Digital images are captured from digital cameras and scanners which have some pixel resolution, colors and image quality. Image analysis is a process of solving a problem of extracting information during manipulation of images.

Domains on Digital Image Processing Projects.

Following are Domains of Digital Image Processing on which projects can be done.

  • Medical image Segmentation.
  • Biometric recognition.
  • Video watermarking.
  • Image and video restoration.


Medical Image Segmentation

The input images are pictures of human and animal organs. These images are scanned by various scanning machines. These images are taken into account and processed to identify the disease of those specific organs.

  • Pre-processing.
  • Binarization.
  • Morphological operations.
  • Region Segmentation.
  • Edge Enhancement.
Biometric Recognition
Biometric helps in providing security for applications. This recognition software is in much demand in corporate sectors. It is used to identify individuals. There are many type of biometric recognition such as:

  • Iris recognition.
  • Face recognition.
  • Vein recognition.
  • Fingerprint recognition.
  • Lip recognition.
Video Watermarking

Watermarking allows information to be embedded in video. Due to watermarking a secured transmission is possible among sender and receiver. Some of the video watermarking applications are video tagging, database linking, fingerprinting, ownership identification, taper resistance, copy control, legacy system enhancement, digital video broadcast monitoring, Media Bridge and database linking.

Image and Video Restoration.
Only be doing image and video restoration Dip process further moves along. It is done by certain noise removal techniques.

  • Least Significant Bit (LSB).
  • Discrete Cosine Transformation (DCT).
  • Bit Plane Complexity .
  • Multi-bit Plane Image Steganography (MBPIS).

Components of Digital Image Processing Projects:

  • Mass Storage.
  • Computer.
  • Image Displays.
  • Image Processing Software.
  • Hard copy.
  • Specialized Hardware System.
  • Digital Image Software.
  • Image Processor.

Sensing and Acquisition:

Through sensing the images can be processed for further processing. Using illumination visible light source can create 3D images.

Convolution Operator:

The pixels of an image replaced by weighted average of the neighborhood. In order to enhance the images it smoothens and sharpens the images.

Applications of Digital Image Processing Projects.

  • Imaging in the Radio band.
  • Imaging in the Ultraviolet band.
  • Gamma Ray Imaging.
  • X-Ray Imaging.
  • Imaging in the visible and infrared band.
  • Imaging in the microwave band.
Advantages of Digital Image Processing Projects:
  • More ecological to process image.
  • Easy to identify image.
  • Faster performance and limited cost.
  • High number of algorithms for perfect input.
  • Avoid problems of creating noise and signal distortion.
Digital Image Processing Projects using Matlab.

Digital image process involves pattern recognition, analysis and understanding of images. Projects of digital image process can be done in an excellent manner by using MATLAB. Images are improvised and removed of noise for the sake of human visualization. Many security concepts are used to store and transmit files in and effective manner. These projects also interlink many fields such as video compression and video- video based tracking.

Image analysis is an important part of DIP which is used to analyze particular features of image data is significant. Image analysis is also called as an image understanding which will helpful for 2D and 3D measurements. Standard encryption algorithms are used for performing security applications in an effective manner.

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