MATLAB THESIS for Research Scholars.

Matlab Thesis should work towards enhancement and improvement of logic in various domains and subdomains. Matlab simulation tool provides multi paradigm numerical computing environment. It is a fourth generation programming language. It works on operating system such as UNIX, MAC and windows. Chapters of matlab thesis should contain introduction, literature survey, proposed work and conclusion. Widely chosen domain on Matlab thesis is medical imaging.

Steps involved in Matlab Thesis:

The steps of matlab thesis are dataset collection, problem identification, propose new concept, code development and write manuscript.

Dataset Collection: This is the first step in thesis without which no algorithms or techniques can be performed. Data’s that are to be collected are different in different domains. Images of human organs serve as data in medical imaging and in the case of remote sensing satellite images become the input.

Problem Identification: It is the main part of the thesis. By figuring out the problem the method to solve arises. A survey paper should be prepared in order to identify the problem. Then based on these papers the solution should be framed.

Propose New Concept: Using the obtained problems a new concept is developed. It is  key to break these problems. To support this many algorithms, graphs and formulas should be framed. Basing the result should be proved.

Code Development: It is performed with the help of matlab simulation tool. Action such as classification and segmentation can be done efficiently in this stage. Graphs and results are formed in command editor.

Write Manuscript: It is final stage of the thesis. It is the section in which the entire work done is explained thoroughly. It also gives an idea about future of the topic.

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