Security Projects for students.

Security projects are implemented to safeguard an information or system in an effective manner with low cost for students. An art of preserving system or an information from various defects as unauthorized user, threat, risk and attacks is security. A negotiable instrument that proves some financial issue is carried in security projects. By combining various strategies with one another, security can be achieved. In computer network, security is a most important concept, which was handled by the administrator who builds the network software, hardware and security policies for the network to protect resources from unauthorized access. Security projects deals in to avoid threats and to assure 100% of security .To detect anomalous behaviors more types of interesting techniques are developed on security projects for students.

Types of Security:

Network security: Addressing of network devices, organization data protection, information and connections to use a network for organization communication functions is network security.

Physical security: Some techniques must be developed to preserve people, information, workplace and organization assets against fire, natural disaster and malicious user access.

Information Security: Broad areas are contained in information security to maintain an information and security as data, computer and network security.

Communication security: A protection of organization communication device or part as technology, database information and media is communication security. Organization objectives are achieved by use of specified devices.

Security projects with experts

Types of Security Projects.

Network security consists of number of policies and rules adopted by a network administrator to prevent unauthorized access, attack, misuse, and modification or denial computer network.Network security projects apply the cryptographic mechanism into network in order to prevent the network from attackers.

Network security Projects

Information security projects comes under various categories like protecting human personal information by using various encryption algorithms, identification victim or criminal person with the help of hair pattern, pattern recognition methods for searching fields, hospital etc.

Information Security Projects
Cyber security projects need is that, with the growing volume and sophistication of cyber attacks, ongoing attention is required to protect sensitive business and personal information, as well as safeguard national security.Cyber Security Projects

Cryptography is the study of hiding information and verification for providing security, it includes algorithm, protocol and strategies to securely and consistently prevent or delay unauthorized access to sensitive information and enable verifiability of every component in a communication.

Cryptography Projects

Steganography is that process of hiding a secret message within a larger one in such a way that others can not discern the presence or contents of the hidden message. Steganography projects main aim is to hide original information for security purpose.Protection of data alteration is well prevented in steganography projects.

Steganography Projects

Mechanism carried in Security Projects.

Encryption: It is exchange of data into other form that a hacker could not understand. The malicious user could not modify the data, the confidentiality is implemented Integrity for information is supported.

Authentication: To identify client, user and server based on privileges, authentication is used. User identity must be verified before commencement of services.

Authorization: The client or user permission must be checked to carry out an action for requested query.

Audition: These tools are implemented to trace out client or user have accessed which and what data’s.

Benefits of Security Projects.
  • Maintains security Audit log file.
  • Protects Password.
  • Social engineers and unwanted drivers are avoided.
  • Projects network from traffic.
  • From malicious user or system it projects and safeguards.
  • Log files are periodically monitored and examined.
Applications of  Security Projects:
  • Mobile and web based application.
  • Biometric detection.
  • Security to cloud computing techniques is provided.
  • Security to data for military, school and government in provided.
  • Monitor’s Data.

Possible Kinds of Security Attacks.

Majorly two different kinds of attacks are available in network are: Passive attack and Active attackSome other possibilities of internet attacks are DDOS, Smurf, teardrop, man in the middle attack etc.From that DDOS is a very dangerous or serious attack. The DDOS can also be divided into number of types is:

  • UDP flood attack
  • MaxSYN
  • DNS Reflection
  • ACK Strom
  • Optimistic acknowledgment

Those kinds of attacks are prevented by using the prevention technique is SAVE. This will effectively prevent the network from this attack.

Total completed Security Projects
2014-15.Completed Security Projects
2015-16.Ongoing Security Projects
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