M Tech Projects for Research Scholars

M.TECH or M Tech is expanded as master of technology it is a professional master’s degree in engineering this master’s degree combines the study technology with engineering. It is a two year study of a specific engineering department. Grid computing, mobile technology, digital image processing, electronics and communication, wireless communication, power system, electrical and electronics are some domains on which M.Tech projects can be based on. 5G technology wind turbine design with efficient dynamo-meter are some of the future promising projects for M.Tech students.

M Tech Projects for CSE Students.

Computer science is the most promising field of technology. M.Tech Projects for cse offers a great deal of platform to execute the learnt knowledge in span of on entire academic year. In this duration base paper implementation and some improvements should be implemented by them.

Only students select and process their research topic. Various simulation tool and programming language are needed for project establishment. Innovation, creativity and precision of student should be expressed in this project.

M Tech Projects Research Topics.

Various domains tools and technologies contribute for M.Tech projects. Dot net, java, android; C and C++ are the most used programming language. Results are reproduced in simulation manner through simulation tools.

Both image processing and networking compulsorily make use of simulation tools.

M.Tech Projects Domains.

Various domains of topics are available for doing M.Tech projects. Each domain is different from that of others. Such domains are mentioned below:

  • Fuzzy logic projects.
  • Pattern recognition projects.
  • Multimedia projects.
  • Mapreduce projects.
  • Cybernetics projects.
  • Forensics projects.

Networking tools:

NS2, NS3, Omnet++, Opnet,Cloud,Qualnet and Peersim.

Image processing tools:


Wireless communication  M.Tech projects:

  • Information is passed from sender to receiver in a well defined channel.
  • Various channels help in the transmission of data independently and parallel.
  • In wide open space voice and data transmission takes place through electromagnetic waves.
  • Every channel has its own fixed bandwidth frequency and capacity by bit rate.
Mobile communications M Tech projects:


  • Efficiency of commercial and administrative activities should be increased.
  • Rural and remote communities are provided with universal service.
  • It can enable economic and social development of nation.
  • Effectiveness of social and emergency services is improvised.
Grid computing in M Tech projects:
  • Computational of grid is the hardware and software infrastructure.
  • Computational grids are both homogeneous and heterogeneous.
  • Cousins of grid computing are parallel, distributed and peer to peer computing.

Power systems in MTech projects:

Power system generates electricity and provides them as electric current to chief users.