IEEE projects for EEE deals with science and technology that is needed for consumption, distribution and generation of electric power which is useful for mankind. Electric power should be transmitted and supplied by EEE projects through various networks of electrical component present in a electric power system.

IEEE projects for power system:

Generation of power is dealt in detail through the sub domain of energy engineering called as power systems engineering or power engineering. This study concerns with generators, transformers and motors and all electrical devices that is connected to it. It also deals with distribution, utilization and transmission of electric power.

Renewable Energy Projects related to Wind,Rain,Water,Sunlight,Geothermal heat can be developed from our concern with best solutions.
Simulink projects to research scholars and academic students worldwide, in good quantity and cost effective manner.
Power electronics based projects for EEE students are developed by trained technical panel members who are experience on power electronics field

SCADA system:

It is the mixture of system controls and data acquisition relay logic is a made which controls production and plants systems. Displays, supporting program and data base are part of a SCADA system. Some of the prominent SCADA system functional areas are stated below:

  • Data processing.
  • Manual entry.
  • Historical data recording.
  • Supervisory control/remote command.
  • Fail over.
  • Interactive database generation.
  • Averaging of measured values.
  • Alarm/ event logging.

Power system stability:

  • It is an electric power systems quality in given initial operating condition.
  • In the time of physical disturbance when every system variable are binded that makes entire system intact stability is attained back to operate equilibrium.

Types of power system stability:

Root angle stability:

Even after disturbance synchronous machine can remain stable with its ability.

Frequency stability:

It is related to response of equipment and poor coordination of control and protection systems.

Voltage stability:

Tap changing transformers, booster transformer, synchronous phase modifiers, series and shunt capacitor is used for voltage stability.


When equilibrium among opposing forces instability results and disturbance leads to a sustained imbalance this is called as stability.