IEEE Project Topics aims for multiple concepts are encapsulated innovative ideas are needed for attaining efficient output. Institute of electrical and electronic engineers standardizes IEEE projects. Domains such as electrical, computer science and electronics are covered for IEEE projects. Various activities like standard developments, publication of research papers and education activities are performed by IEEE papers. The central idea of IEEE paper are obtained and used for IEEE projects.

Computer science IEEE project topics:

IEEE project topics on Data mining:

Banking, insurance and telecommunication companies make use of data mining applications. For the sake of maintaining long term consumer details various effective data mining algorithm are introduced through IEEE projects. Super market can be benefited by frequent pattern mining applications. It helps in spotting frequency bought products by customers. Zoology department senses and survey reports and pharmacy also require frequent pattern mining applications. Problems of travelling salesman are solved through FP- growth ECLAT and Apriori frequent pattern mining algorithm.

IEEE project topics on Security:

Many applications need security; this can be offered by IEEE projects. Domestic security, computer security, data security, network security and data base security are some domains of security related projects. Encryption algorithms are needed for gaining high level security. Cryptography and Steganography makes data security possible attacks from hackers can be prevented by iris recognition, finger print recognition and virtual password. Color scheme authentication of personal digital assistance is proposed in an IEEE paper.

IEEE project topics on Mobile computing:

Effective communication is made through mobile computing project of mobile computing can minimize cellular network traffic and improve intrusion prevention friends recommendation in social networking sites are doe through mobile computing application and data mining concept.

IEEE Projects for students

IEEE Projects for students

IEEE project topics on Electrical and Electronics Engineering:

IEEE papers are high standardized in order to prevent global warming energy saving applications are created by EEE students in their final year projects.

IEEE project topics on Design and modeling energy saving system:

Auto mobile system has issues in source and load side problem are solved through unified power quality conditioner contain IEEE based EEE projects can create uninterrupted power supply system in order to consume high power energy from functioning elements. It can also power up a UPS battery through solar energy.

IEEE project topics on Controlling system:

Most EEE projects are based on monitoring and controlling system. Micro processor and sensor device are used by these EEE projects are for industrial machines automatically controlling devices by monitoring output and to monitor home appliances.

IEEE project topics on Electronics and communication engineering projects:

Networking based projects are preferred by all ECE students. In networking wirelesscommunication is most chosen by students. Data’s are transmitted without any wires in this mode. Bluetooth, ZigBee, infra red & radio frequency and GSM are some medium or wireless communication. Solar LED lamps, electrical apparatus controlling system and street lightening system can be controlled through these projects.

IEEE project topics on Medical applications:

Various medical industry based applications are developed through electronics and communication projects. ICU patient ECG monitoring system, smart phone via patient’s health diagnosing, e-medicine and tele medicine are implemented through EEE projects.

Future enhancement:

We offer various IEEE projects that maintain engineering qualification standard topics such as bio thermal energy, atomic energy and wind will energy are with scope in future we also offer these projects.