Computer science is the most promising field of technology. M.Tech in computer science offers a great deal of platform to execute the learnt knowledge in span of on entire academic year. In this duration base paper implementation and some improvements should be implemented by them. Only students select and process their research topic. Various simulation tool and programming language are needed for project establishment. Innovation, creativity and precision of student should be expressed in this project.

M.Tech projects:

Various domains of topics are available for doing M.Tech projects for cse students. Each domain is different from that of others.We guide students to develop innovative MTech Projects for CSE department. Such domains are mentioned below:

Fuzzy logic projects:

These projects cover medical imaging data mining and image processing. It makes use of matlab simulation tool. It is a logic system that is represented by multi valued logic extension. It is also similar to fuzzy sets theory.

Pattern recognition projects:

From data sets items and patterns are find out through pattern recognition. Optical character recognition and disease identification human body parts should be discovered.

Multimedia projects:

Audio and video applications fall under this category. It can create a movie suggesting application languages such as java, C, C++, android and dot net is used in these projects. Accurate results are obtained by the use of simulation tools.

Mapreduce projects:

It is a programming model that is joined with processing to produce large data sets. It falls under Hadoop that divides tasks as various independent acts. It reduces input task cloud process helps in map reducing concept.

Cybernetics projects:

Principles of regulation and communication is designed and discovered through cybernetics. Human and machine interaction is made possible and controlled through cybernetics.

Forensics projects:

Additional security is provided to various secure organizations by forensics many biometric recognition methods such as finger vein recognition, surgical face recognition and mixing finger prints are done by these projects. Both java language and matlab simulation tool is used in this domain.



M.Tech research topics:

Various domains tools and technologies contribute for M.Tech projects. Dot net, java, android; C and C++ are the most used programming language. Results are reproduced in simulation manner through simulation tools. Both image processing and networking compulsorily make use of simulation tools.

Future scope:

5G network is the future of networking and computing. We offer such innovation and advanced thesis in high standard to mtech students.