Electrical engineering is a study of engineering which deals with the knowledge of electricity and all other electronic technology. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING PROJECTS deals with distribution of energy (or) creation of any electronic device. It also includes the power generation application creation. Power is generated and gathered by various means and sources. There are many forms of energy freely available in nature such as wind energy, hydro energy, solar energy, fuel energy, thermal energy and turbine energy. Electrical engineering student can also carry out simulation based projects.

Electrical Projects with Mobile Technology:

Various mobile based electrical projects are available for engineering students. They include remote monitoring and digital energy meter control; these projects are very popular among electronics students. Power supply detection and nonpayment identification can also be done with electronic projects. Mobile phone applications can also control all electronic devices including the AC lamp. The lamp can be adjusted by means of its dimness and brightness. Multiple transformers oil temperature can be detected using SMS based alerts. Machine fault identification is another mobile based application.





RF Technology Based Projects:

Radio waves are transmitted from one place to another with the help of radio frequency technology. Communication between RF receiver and RF transmitter is needed for transmitting data by means of antenna. It also enables the wireless technology among electronic machine. Hand held devices are created by RF technologies to enable wireless communication. The wireless communication in RF technologies also used by SCADA implementation. EEE students can make use of our radio frequency based identification projects.


Operational amplifiers make use of DC coupled electronic voltage amplifier. It contains both inverting and non inverting input terminals. Amplified output terminal produces amplified output whereas potential difference is fed upon as two input terminals. Three times of input signals are amplified through voltage amplifier which produces thousands the amount of amplified output. EEE based projects only make use of 741 opamp models even though there are thousands of models available.

Computer Circuits:

It is an electrical engineering terminology, which compares two voltage or current signal by means of a comparator. These voltage and current signals are fed as two analog input terminals. On this comparison of voltage signals, one binary digital output signal is produced. These comparators are mainly used for relaxation oscillators, and analog to digital converter. High gain differential language amplifiers contain in comparator of Opamp. Opamp comparator circuit is used for temperature controls.

Servo Motor Projects:

Various machines are automatically controlled by a self configurable mechanical device called servo motor. Various application such as toys, central system and industrial applications need server motor projects. Angular position of a machine is determined by these servo motors. The variation varies from 0 to 180 degree. Its working principle is under pulse width modulation. 8051 is interfaced with automatically controlled monitor.

Robotics and Motor:

IEEE paper based project on motor applications and robotics are offered by us for EEE students. Using servo motor self balancing robots can balance on itself. Structural, mechanical and electronic component make up the robot only by means of servo motor movement of robot is possible in all direction.

Future Scope:

We offer electronics projects of current trend like embedded system. Voice based applications are offered by us in electronic projects.