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Daily Archives: April 13, 2016

Opnet Simulation Projects

Network Simulator Tools:Network simulator tools available are as follows. Ns2, Ns3, Omnet++, Opnet, Qualnet, Jsim, Netsim for ad hoc project for students.

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Communication Based Projects

Communication based projects provides in depth knowledge about the communication process among two systems. Exchange of information among two users is communication.

Communication based projects examples are DIP, DSP, embedded system and VLSI. Communication based projects are supported to academic students and research scholars we have carried out 200+ communication based projects. We support for past […]

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Communication Thesis Topics

Communication thesis topics are guided to academic students and research scholars from the reputed journals as IEEE, ACM, SPRINGER and SCOPUS. Sending and receiving data or information from one user to other by a medium of communication is communication process.

Area in which communication thesis topics can be guided are given below.

Mobile RFID service network.
Mobility in […]

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Ad Hoc Network Projects

Adhoc network projects are carried out by scholars and students who are in the field of networking, IT, computer science and communication. Mobile host communication use Adhoc networks as it is new wireless networking structure. A fixed environment is not required by Adhoc. The simulation characteristics attract the students to carry out Adhoc network projects.¬†Adhoc […]

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Ad Hoc Project

Adhoc project describes the challenges faced in Adhoc network and how it could be rectified. In Adhoc network, we concentrate on security. Our concern has supported 155+ Adhoc project and has gained wide fame. By energy efficient process data transfer and routing is analyzed.

Adhoc project are carried out by using the following simulation software tools:



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