Adhoc network projects are carried out by scholars and students who are in the field of networking, IT, computer science and communication. Mobile host communication use Adhoc networks as it is new wireless networking structure. A fixed environment is not required by Adhoc. The simulation characteristics attract the students to carry out Adhoc network projects. Adhoc network projects are simulated by NS2. Adhoc network projects are carried out by researchers as it has gained wide popularization.

Adhoc network Projects for Students: Adhoc network is multihop relaying that is the main principle where messages are sent from source to destination by intermediate hops. The first commercial realization of Adhoc wireless networking is Bluetooth standard which was developed by Bluetooth special interest group. A wireless protocol was developed by IEEE 802.11 protocols but do not work out much in multihop networks.

Adhoc network properties:

  • Dynamic topology.
  • Low computing power.
  • Limited bandwidth.
  • Low power.
  • Temporary network.
  • High mobility.

Applications of Ad Hoc Networks Projects:

Distributed computing: In Adhoc networks a group of data in conference share data. Audio or video based may be the conference.

Military applications: In battle field environment communication could be established by Adhoc network.

Emergency operations: Search and rescue control could be performed. It is useful in disaster environments.

Wireless mesh network: Upon wireless communication, wireless mesh network is built and continuous connections & configuration is allowed in mesh network. Multiple nodes cooperate in wireless mesh network to relay a message to host node. Overall reliability of network could be improved. Investment cost is less in wireless mesh network. 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz can be operated.

Wireless sensor networks: A special type of Adhoc networks is wireless sensor networks provide wireless communication infrastructure among sensors. A group of large number of sensor nodes is known as sensor network and it is deployed in a specified region.

Hybrid wireless networks: Transmission among base station or multihop of nodes are allowed in hybrid wireless networks conventional cellular technology with Adhoc relay station are combined in a integrated cellular Adhoc network.

Adhoc network projects are recently carried out for wireless mesh network and under water sensor network. For the Adhoc projects the following simulation software tools are supported in our concern NS2, Mininet, NS3, PSM, Opnet, Peersim, Onesim, and OMNET++  and QualNet.