Project on wireless communication main aim is increasing demand of free less connectivity. Its second goal is communication engineers and electrical engineers implement a dramatic program in VLSI technology with signal processing algorithm. A reliable communication channel with less and most significant wireless communication is provided in CDMA based technology finally.

Wireless Standard:

Various standards and methods are included in wireless communication for commercial requirements. In our firm our engineers provide a detail idea of global wireless communication standards for various networks. As our engineers are fully updated on current technologies. Projects on wireless communication will be developed successfully.

There are 2 types of wireless standards are:

  • Fixed Standard.
  • Mobile Standard.

On basis of safety, protection, interoperability and service the standards are provided.

The standards are made by some government work, specific standard setting bodies. ISO, ITU and IEC are international standard organization whereas ANS, IEEE standards for professional association.

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN):

Two or more systems can be connected without using wires by wireless LAN. Radio communications are used. To activate communication devices within a specified area spread spectrum technology is used.

IEEE 802.11 standards are used by wireless LAN, for purpose of with connection it was designed. Six- over air modulation techniques are contained in the standard.

The five different types of protocols in this standard is

  • 11 a.
  • 11 b.
  • 11 g.
  • 11 n.

Project on wireless communication pays its attention on several factors of wireless communication. In communication networks, wireless communication plays a vital role.

Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN):

They are communication networks among personal computer devices and personal area networks. It covers only a few meters. For higher level of network connection with internet, personal area network communication can be used.

Industrial specifications of personal area network are Bluetooth and infrared. For Bluetooth communication IEEE 802.15.1 standards are allocated. It leads to communication way among printers, mobile phones, laptops and PDA devices.

Wireless Metropolitan Area Network:

WIMAX which is of commercial broadband service are provided in this standard. By IEEE 802.16 working committee the name was standardized. Flexible services to fixed line networks are provided. The maintenance and implementation cost is low.


Worldwide Interoperability for microwave access is the expansion of WIMAX. The WIMAX form defined the standard and officially named as wireless MAN. As WMAN is multipoint coverage point the range of wireless MAN cannot accurately be defined. Generally its range is 30 Miles.

Wireless Wide Area Network:

It is a computer network that covers wide geographical area. The WMAN, WLAN and WPAN are used only for specified campus, rooms of buildings. WMAN best example is internet.

To connect various LAN we use wireless WAN. Mobile communication as GPRS, GSM, 3G and 4G communication, WAN is used.

Challenges Faced In Standards:

  • It is not in a proper charge.
  • The standard reliability may lack.
  • Most influenced companies interrupt the standard providing operations.
  • Much of cost and time for acceptance is required.