We offer efficient algorithms in our Projects in Wireless Communication to overcome these problem that is faced during packet transmission.Wireless communication can make communication possible in two networks without any electric wires. Researchers of network communication can make their projects on wireless communication. Problems like industrial security system, weather monitoring system and health monitoring system can be solved through the projects of wireless communication. Protocols like wireless connectivity and wireless channel can be created. Usual challenges faced by researchers are issues during packet transmission.


The beginning of wireless communication is traced way back to pre industrial age. During that age signaling through smoke, mirrors and flash lights were done. Later the invention of radio took wireless communication to the next level. Later on commercial industry started to use this technology. Wireless communication using cellular is made possible. The cellular network in its next generation made it digitized. Now 3G and 4G networks are used in mobile communication.

Types of wireless communication:

  • Satellite communication.
  • Infrared wireless communication.
  • Broad cast radio.
  • Microwave radio communication.
  • Bluetooth Wi-Fi.

Satellite communication:

Satellite communication is the prominent user of wireless network. It offers communication service to users anywhere in the world. First a microwave signal is received and amplified then sent to be broadcasted via antenna. Satellite communication has two components. Space segments and ground segments are the two components. Satellite is present at space segment and other ancillary devices are at ground segment.

Infrared communication:

IR communication is possible in TV remote and security system. It is an electromagnetic wave. A photo LED transmitter and photo diode is needed for IR communication.

Broadcast Radio:

Citizens band, Ham radio, handy multi channel radio and maritime radio are some of radio communication devices. Hand multi channel radio uses short distance speech. Sailors can use maritime and citizens band. Ham radio is used to communicate during emergency times. Frequency cable, satellite and network are used to broadcast radio signals.

Microwave communication:

Microwave communication is possible by transmitting microwave signals; its wavelength is measured in centimeter. Satellite and terrestrial communication method are types of communication node. In satellite method the satellite will be located 22300 miles above earth. In terrestrial method microwave towers which are placed among earth and space is used.

Bluetooth Wi-Fi:

Bluetooth connects handy devices like mobile, laptop and system wirelessly within a specific range. Wi-Fi connects routers in wireless manner.

Wireless communication Advantage:

  • Cost of maintenance and installation is less.
  • Using wireless communication we can access internet.
  • Fast and high speed data transmission.


  • Lack of security.
  • Easily capture wireless signal by hacker because signals are travel through the air.

Wireless communication application:

  • Remote control.
  • Wi-Fi connection.
  • Television communication.
  • Wireless power transfer.
  • Security system.

Future Advancement:

After 3G and 4G network the future of wireless communication is 5G networks.